Parchment scroll taweez for wealth

taweez for money and wealth

This is not a normal paper taweez. It is written with our special roohani ink on the skin parchment of a goat sacrificed on Eid Al-Adha. Such skin scrolls have unique properties. It is produced by a master tanner. The animal was sacrificed in a halal way. Its size is 30×7 cm and it comes with a small wooden box for protection, which should stay closed.

This item is not for wearing by an individual, but it has to be placed in a workplace, in a shop, in a place of business (office), or in a home, even under your bed, but it shouldn't be put in the toilet. Several taweez are combined in it for a more powerful effect.

Its benefits are countless, but here are some of them:

  • It brings acceptance in society;
  • help comes from everywhere;
  • respect and fame by all individuals—colleagues, friends, relatives, and business partners.
  • Love from employees for your kindness.
  • With this item, livelihood expands;
  • more clients and orders for business;
  • appearance of new opportunities – good job proposals;
  • new business offers.
  • Finding a suitable job, rise in career fast and smoothly – without any problems.
  • Flow of abundance of wealth from everywhere and unlocking of luck to receive all material blessings in this world.
  • Peace and harmony will be in the place the item is put. It affects not only his owner, like the normal taweez, but also the surrounding people.
  • If someone in the room is nervous or anxious, they will immediately calm down.
  • If you are about to buy a new property—house or vehicle—this talisman brings you the right one for you.
  • If you are a scientist, it brings you new ideas and catalyzes them.
  • It brings additional blessings to you if you are involved in every kind of craftsmanship-in tannery, in carpentry, in pottery, in wood-carving, blacksmithing, tailoring, engraving, jewelry, etc.
  • If you are a writer, painter, or composer, the taweez gives inspiration for beautiful, meaningful, and successful works. If you are a lecturer or a speaker, to gain confidence that your words will be understandable and reasonable for the public.
  • If you are at a crossroads in your life, it will calm your mind and help you choose the right path.

We need about 5-7 days after order to prepare it because we have to wait for the right day and hour to write and empower it. The only restriction is to keep away from bad smells. This complex taweez is completely safe for everyone and there are no side effects from it. This taweez can be used by anyone - male or female, muslim or not, by people from every ethnic group in the world.It is universal answer to a lot of problems in life. The item that you will receive will look exactly like the one in the photos. We ship this item worldwide. And only now-if you purchase this item, we will make for you a free taweez of your choice-just ask for it!

taweez for wealth

Its price is :

150 USD or £127 including worldwide shipping.