Ring of power with taweez

taweez Ring

We are introducing to you this beautiful and unique ring. But why it is called ‘ring of power’? Inside it we had put a specially made folded metal stripe with six of the most powerful known HALAL taweez. Each one of them is connected with exact Allah name with certain benefits. The ring is prepared in exact date of the month, following the ancient sufi traditions for full effect of the item.

So here are the main benefits of this ring of power –

1. The taweez connected with the name Uahhab - God gives the means to live without much effort and labor. You will live peacefully, with a calm heart, without debts and without problems.You will have many children and will acquire a large estate. It will contribute to the fact that your intentions, will be easily realized, and your wealth, reputation and influence will increase every day.

2. The taweez connected with the name Razzaq - you will get great blessings from unexpected places. You will be spared the hardships and troubles of life and will spend your life in abundance and the jobs you accept will bring you success, happiness and prosperity. You will easily reach the means of livelihood, and God will open to you those doors which were hitherto closed to you.

ring with taweez

3. The taweez connected with the name Fattah - God will open the door of his hidden treasury. Many will come to you from unexpected places. And literally all doors will be open for you. Your business will be successful and bring great profits. If a girl who wishes to be married should carry this ring, God will give her a good and patient husband in a short time.

4. The taweez connected with the name Basit – you will live in splendor and all abundance. Everyone will love, respect and appreciate you. All doors will be open to you. Your business will develop well and your wealth and fortune will increase continuously. It will help you if you are unhappily fall in love or have problems with mental health. A fountain of wisdom and secret knowledge will be created in your heart. Everyone will love you. If you are bachelor, you will marry and have a good family and happy children. Your wealth will increase. People will be kind to you and everyone will help you. Everything will work out for you. One who has mental distress will be saved and protected . All life's problems will be solved.

ring with taweez

5. The taweez connected with the name Sami – To him who wears this auspicious ring, God Almighty will accept all reasonable prayers. The ancient Eastern Sufis were convinced that one who wears this item - soon will be able to hear and understand the voices of the spirits. Thanks to this, he will learn many secret things on time and before other people.

6. The taweez connected with the name Latif - All reasonable wishes will be granted. Everyone will love and appreciate you, and people will be genuinely happy to help you. You will be bewildered by all the goods and values that will begin to come to him from all possible directions. If you are single, you will be happily married. If you are poor, you will soon become rich and wealthy. If you are arrested, you will be found not guilty and released. If you are a foreigner, you will gladly return to your homeland. If you are naked, you will get dressed. This item is for those who wishes to fulfill any wish - especially in the business he is engaged in, acquiring property, being released from prison, passing exams, returning from exile, etc. You will successfully complete every work started and you will be saved from gossip and intrigue, arguments and any other troubles.

Its price is :

250 USD or £202 including worldwide shipping.