Engraved taweez plate for cleansing of karma, sins and for long life

taweez plate for cleansing of karma

This plate is engraved in exact time of the month, following certain sufi rules while creating it. It is used with water inside, which has to be drink after certain amount of time. The bowl is inscribed with several Quran ayats. According to some scholars, these exact sacred words are recited by Adam (peace be upon him) after he was brought down to Earth.

And here are the main benefits of this unique item:

1. The regular use of the bowl will make Allah forgive all sins of the person in the earthly life and the afterlife.
2. The gates of hell will remain closed for the owner of the plate.
3. No matter of person religion, no matter of any inherited family curses – his karma will be totally clean. Along with these ayats, several special taweez are engraved on the metal. They boost even more the power of the bowl.
4. If a criminal has committed a crime - appearing before the judge with that name will receive a lesser sentence or none at all.
5. A person who uses this plate will be saved from the evil and wickedness of any tyrant.
6. He will be saved from all the evils and sorrows of this world.
7. His wealth will increase.
8. Doors will open for him in unexpected places.
9. His heart will be at peace.
10. All his prayers will be accepted and answered.
11. Whoever uses regularly this taweez plate, will have a long life and will always be healthy.
12. If he is a civil servant, he will remain in office for the rest of his life
13. He will have many children in his life and will acquire a large estate.
14. God will give the means to live without much effort and labor.
15. Such a person will live peacefully, without debts and without problems.
16. They will live in conjugal love, spiritual and material abundance and in good health, happiness and harmony.
17. Happy in both this and the next world, the owner of the plate will close his eyes happy and peaceful after a long and easy life.

The diameter of the plate is 24 cm. It comes with very simple instructions. Its price is :

140 USD including worldwide shipping.