Taweez for separation and divorce

taweez for separation, hate and divorce

Your ex is dating with another person and they seemed to be so happy together. Why he has to be happy? He left you and ruin your life and he is with someone else! He deserve to suffer and to be alone!

Other situation - your crush has a partner which you want to go away, so she will be all yours. Or third situation - you want to separate your husband from his influencing family which he listens for everything.

In all this cases the taweez for separation can be used with great success. For separation of lovers, family members, in-laws, business partners or friends - this taweez brings discord, hate, and separation between the people, together with non-stop quarrels, fighting and misunderstandings. They can barely stand each other and finally they get separate. This taweez breaks any haram relationship!
The separation is done in pure and rightful halal way.

We made this special separation mascot following all ancient guidelines of the sufi roohani science so it can work best to achieve results. This taweez is written in very special hour of the lunar month connected with such works only by people who are masters in this knowledge so you can be sure every simple step of manufacturing is followed exactly. We used tar ink and special incense resins which are our trade secret. Hate wazifas and Allah names for separation and discord are chanted exact number of times on the items to empower them.

This taweez is purely halal and there are no side effects for you or your family. There is no bad karma for you and it is completely safe. It comes with very simple instructions to follow. Also you have to be sure that there is no way someone to find out who made it.

Once it is put in place, usually it needs between 2-3 weeks to 40 days for first effects to begin. Keep in mind that it is very possible for you not to see the effects because you don`t have access to the whole picture. Also remember that every case is different - sometimes it needs less time, other times - more for the item to work fully. So the patience is of great value in such situations.

Note that there are two requirements for this item:

1. To make the taweez we need the names and mother names of the persons you want to be separated.
2. The item should be put near one of the couple - in their homes or workplace.

If these requirements can`t be followed, we suggest you to look for more powerful separation options in our ritual section.

Only now - if you purcahse taweez for more then 150 usd, we will make taweez of your choice for free - just ask us! The shipping time for EU countries and UK is 7-12 days usually and ourside EU - 2-3 weeks, but keep in mind that due to the situation, there could be huge delays in postal services. We are using standard priority postal services.

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