Jinn rings with taweez

Ring of jinn king Al-Ahmar

Ring of djinn king Al-Ahmar

Al-Ahmar djinn king is one of the most powerful djinns in the world.
He is associated with the planet Mars and is also known as the "blind lord" because of his blind fury against his enemies.
Usually he is described as a black skin giant with multiple animal heads riding a lion and holding sword in one hand and human head in the other. With his extremely fierce vengeance, he is a threat to everyone who stays in front of him.

He is also known as the lord of all Qarins. Because of this, Al-Ahmar gets along with all humans very well.
Due to his nature, he brings protection in any situation and watches people's backs 24/7.
And if the enemy is not smart enough, only Allah S.A.T. will be able to save him from the wrath of Al-Ahmar.

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Its price is :

220 USD or £183 including worldwide shipping.

Ring of djinn king Shamhurish

Ring with djinn king Shamhurish

The djinn king Abu al-Walid Shamhurish is also known as at-Tayyar or the father of the New Born. He is described as a blue giant with a black snake on his head. An interesting fact about him is that he is the only djinn who were living permanently in the human realm. He lived in the time of our great prophet and according to some sufis, he even met with him, converted to Islam and even became a judge ( Qadia) who served the people's needs.

The main specialties of Shamhurish are the wonders and surprises.

Some benefits of this taweez djinn ring are: protection, satisfaction of needs, and especially no more worrying about hunger. Abundance comes like a wonder from different and surprising and unknown places.

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Its price is :

220 USD or £183 including worldwide shipping.

Woman ring with jinn Aisha Qandisha

Woman ring of djinn Aisha Qandisha

Aisha Qandisha is a water djinn which inhabits the water sources in Morocco. She is described as a gorgeous and lustful young woman with a predatory nature who lurks  for alone men. This beautiful and gentle ring is only for women. With its help, no man can stand in front of an enhanced woman's charisma. Every man will be seduced and charmed by you. You will be treated like a queen wherever you go with it.

It is mainly used by women with low self-esteem, no social life, or just those who don't have luck with relationships or find it difficult to attract the opposite gender.

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Its price is :

£125 / 150 USD 150 USD or £125 including worldwide shipping.

Ring of djinn king Mudhib

Ring of djinn king Al-Mudhib

Al-mudhib-the golden one, is one of the seven days djinn kings, and he rules on Sunday.
He is often described as a middle-aged man with a burning head who has a snake instead of a tongue.
He can only be evoked by using enormous amounts of sandarac incense.

He knows all the secrets of the gold metal-how to find it , how to transmutate it , where to dig for it. His symbol is the six-pointed star (the David star).

He helps to gain easily riches, boost trade in shop, raise salary, huge amounts of money start appearing in your life from known and unknown sources. He is a luck opener especially when we are talking about finances.

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Its price is :

220 USD or £183 including worldwide shipping.

Ring of djinn Kushanil

Ring of djinn Kushanil the Bountiful

This djinn is often described as blue skin male with eagle head and donkey hoof, wearing an orange toga.

The biggest asset of this ring is to enhance charisma in men and make them irresistible to women. No woman can resist the power of this djinn hunter.

It is enhancing luck, give success in every business and ease every work you do. It also attracts every possible vibe around you and brings to you every opportunity.

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Its price is :

220 USD or £183 including worldwide shipping.

ring of jinn king Abyad

Ring of djinn king Murrah al-Abyad

This is the taweez ring of Murrah Al-Abyad - the djinn king also known as the father of the light. This djinn king is the ruler of the moon and is also called 'the white one'.

He comes from the humanoid djinn tribe of the marids and as such, his main virtue is wish granting. There is nothing impossible for him, no matter if a person wants to become a billionaire, get his ex-partner back, punish an enemy or get a career promotion. He is a great luck opener and all divine blessings will fall like a never-ending rain.

Its price is :

220 USD or £183 including worldwide shipping.

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ring of Barqan djinn king

Ring of Barqan djinn king

This djinn king is known as the father of wonders or the black king, because when he is evoked he appears as a black-skinned horned giant.
His ruling planet is Mercury ( Utarid). He is one of the most powerful djinns and only angel Michael has the power to stop him, so there is nothing impossible for him and because of this, he is greatly used in wish granting.

This here is a very special ring with a very special creature-the jinn king Barqan Abu al-Adjayb or also known as Two Thunders or father of Wonders.

What are the benefits:

1. He is a granting wishes - of course for the bigger ones - it takes more time;
2.He is a luck-opener;
3. He can teach divine secrets - a lot of them;
4. He can show unknown things from the past and from the future;
5. He can show places where unguarded treasures are and how to get them;
6.If interested in a person - it can show in a dream what the person is doing at the moment.

Its price is :

220 USD or £183 including worldwide shipping.

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  • Ring of djinn Kushanil

    Taweez ring of djinn Kushanil

  • Ring of jinn king Al-Ahmar

    Taweez ring of djinn king Al-Ahmar

  • ring of djinn king Abyad

    Taweez ring of djinn king Al-Abyad

  • ring of Barqan djinn king

    Ring of Barqan djinn king

  • Ring of jinn king Shamhurish

    Ring of djinn king Shamhurish

  • Woman ring of jinn Aisha Qandisha

    Woman ring of djinn Aisha Qandisha

  • Ring of djinn king Mudhib

    Ring of djinn king Mudhib

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About the djinn rings

For millennia, the djinn rings have been used by rulers, warriors and ordinary people to achieve unattainable goals. The list of their benefits is endless - miraculous healings, sudden riches, unlocking of luck, victory in battle or war, economic upliftment of entire countries, success in every field.

It is generally believed that the older a ring is, the more likely it is genuine and possessed by a djinn. This is true, but not quite. In fact, the appearance of the ring has nothing to do with the djinn in it. Still, old-fashioned looking rings were once new, too. It is also good to consider that an old ring has certainly been worn by other people and they have left some of their energy (good or bad) in it. It should be noted that djinn are also summoned in new rings. This is of course a complex process requiring a lot of effort. In some cases for 40 days.

In addition to rings, djinns can be summoned in other objects called vessels - bracelets, statuettes, necklaces, crystal balls, knives, oil lamps ( from here comes the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp from the tales of 1001 nights). Usually, to bond well with the person, the rings should be worn for at least 2-3 weeks and as much as possible. They don't have to be worn on the finger, they can be worn on a string around the neck or, as a last resort, in the pocket. Usually the djinn rings work automatically - there is no need to give them a specific command or wish. So are the rings presented here. However, there are also those rings around the world that require certain phrases to be read a certain number of times in order to be activated whenever their owner has any desire towards them.

We will only briefly mention the djinns, as it is assumed that visitors to this page have a basic understanding of these beings. They are found both in our material world and beyond. There are thousands of testimonies of their existence over the millennia. There are female and male djinns, they can marry each other and have offspring. Djinns can serve both good and evil purposes. They can be killed and die. Our teacher, Mr. Burdu, has personally done it several times in front of witnesses through very complex rituals. In our world they live in desolate uninhabited places - ruined and deserted houses and cities, dry wells, caves, dead trees and forests.