Taweez for revenge and suffering

taweez for revenge

Your boss is making your life hell. Jealous relatives are trying to ruin your family, colleagues are spreading bad rumors, your neghbors are making problems non-stop, enemies are winning against you! Why these people hate you?
It is not good to take revenge, but some people really deserve to get punish! You had enought! We got a solution for this!

Troubles in enemy`s life, problems in his work, blocking of luck, non-stop accidents, car crashes, problems with all people, sabotage of career, scandals and calamities at home, get fired from work, lost of money and valuables, diseases, misfortunes, everything around him will fall apart. These are some results from using taweez.
Now you will teach them! No one should mess with you ever!

We made this talisman in exact day and hour of the islamic month connected with punishement and revenge. We wrote it using our special shar tar ink made with our secret recipe. On it, exact Allah names and ayats were chanted while evaporating bad smelling incenses to evoke the revenge spirits and empowering it. It is made in fully proffesional way with strict controling on each of the steps, so to be sure it will work in the best way possible.
It has to be used with care and only when there is a reason, because no one deserve to suffer only for someone` joy. The great sufi Imam Ghazali narrates about this item:'Use such mascots when you are absolutely sure in your rightfulness and that enemy deserves punishment'.
There is absolutely no harm for you or your family from this item. It is absolutely halal. We have made this item in such way that no moulana or peer can find out who created or order it. So you don`t have to worry about that. Your stay completely anonimious.
Usually this taweez needs 2-3 weeks to 40 days to start seeing first effects ,but keep in mind that every human is different - some people has bigger resistance powers then other. And remember that a lot of the results - you won`t be able to see at first, they will be hidden.
The taweez that you will recieve may not look like the one on the photo.It comes with simple instructions to follow.

Note that there are two requirements for this item:

1. To make the taweez we need the name and mother name of your enemy.
2. This item is not for wearing by you, but it should be put near your enemy - in his home or around it , in his workplace or any other place where he spends a lot of his time.

If this requirements can`t be followed, we suggest you to look for more powerful revenge options in our ritual section.

For orders of taweez more then 150 usd, you can get a free talisman of your choice - just inform us! 55 US dollars including worldwide shipping