Metal handmade talisman-taweez for different problems

Spiritual items made in a pure halal way!

metal talisman-taweez for money and wealth

Talisman for money and wealth

This talisman is made in the ancient islamic traditions in a certain time in the begining of a new lunar month.

It attracts all the powers connected with money and wealth, helps for growing of everyday sustenance, a.k.a. rizq from known and unknown sources. Helps in finding job, expand shop trading, bigger salary in company or debts.

The idea of this item to be made on metal, is that it is more durable to wet, so it can stand more time then the normal paper or parchment talismans. Just wear it in your pocket.

50 USD

nade ali dua metal taweez bowl

Plate with engraved Nade Ali dua

This stainless metal plate is engraved in a certain time period during new lunar month.

The idea of this plate is to put mineral water in it, it has to stay there to be empowered and after that - to drink it. Not only you, but every one can drink from this empowered water. The Nade Ali dua is maybe the most famous dua ,due to its great benefits. Here are the uses of this plate and the water which will be put in it:

1. Protection from all evil powers known in this world.
2. Removing of black magic, evil eye, kala jadu.
3. To get rid of disturbing troubles and worries.
4. Against loss of sleep or insomnia.
5. To be free from prison.

50 USD

metal plate with ayat Kursi taweez

Metal plate with engraved ayat Kursi

Maybe the most famous ayat from the Holly Quran - ayat Kursi! It is known from centuries for its miraculous benefits.

It is handly engraved in a metal plate during special time of the month, so water can be put in it - to be empowered and energized with the holly words and help the owner for his problems. Anyone can drink from this energized water. Here are the main benefits from drinking the water from that plate:

1. Protection from black magic in this world.
2. Protection from bad luck, calamities and enemies.
3. Increasing of memory.
4. Become calm and fearless.
5. To remove poverty.

65 USD

Nails for protection from evil, jinns and black magic

Nails for protection of home from black magic and enemy

This here is a great spiritual protection for your home agaisnt all known evil, jinns, spirits, black magic/kala jadoo, calamities and enemies.

This nails are made from massive brass according to the all ancient rules of arab spirituality in certain time of the arab month.

During it - special wazifas were recited over these protection nails.
With this items we got huge success in our clients homes. Usually when there is bad energy, djinn or kala jadoo - the tip of the nails became green.
Each of the nails should be nailed in every corner of the house. If it is not possible to nail each item, you have to bury it in each corner or just to put it there.The best way to protect your home is to put four nails in each room of your house/appartment.

85 USD

Metal taweez for victory and against enemy

Metal taweez for victory and against enemy

No matter if you are involved in a sport activity or any other type of competiotion.
If you are actor, writter, painter or any other kind of artist - this item boost your career, win any competition, any casting, any exam, in business negotiations, fight in a battle, to be first in everything you do.

And your enemies and competitors won`t even had a chance against you. You will smash them like rotten tomatoes.
Just wear it in your pocket. We made this talisman in metal, so it is more durable then the paper ones.

50 USD

  • metal talisman-taweez for money and wealth

    Metal taweez for money and wealth

  • ayat kursi taweez

    Metal plate with engraved ayat Kursi

  • Metal plate with engraved Nade Ali dua

    Metal plate with engraved Nade Ali dua

  • brass nails for protection

    Nails for protection from black magic and enemy

  • Metal taweez for victory and against enemy

    Metal taweez for victory and against enemy

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