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taweez for total power

Parchment taweez for total power of Riwgari

This item was firstly created by one of the masters of Naqshbandi sufi order - Muhammad Arif Riwgari in year 1208 after hard meditation.
It is made on a halal goatling parchment in exact time period. We need about two weeks to create this item because of its complexity, following the ancient rules, using special spiritual ink. This talisman is completely safe and can be used by anyone, no matter of religion or ethnicity. It can be put on a wall or on a shelf in home or office.

The benefits of this wall talisman are countless, but here are the main of them:

1. Career advancment;
2. Higher salary;
3. New job opportunities;
4. More clients in shop and more sales;
.... Read the rest benefits of the parchment total power taweez

300 USD including worldwide shipping

taweez for protection

Talisman for protection with surah Ikhlas

This item is created using the abjad system in which to every letter from the arabic alphabet coresponds certain number.
In this way we found the numberical value of the whole surah and put it in talisman.
The main virtue of this item is to protect your valuable goods - no matter if they are in your home, store or warehouse, no matter if they are money, jewelery or any kind of stock.. It is used against robbers and disasters.
It is made by following the exact rules of the Al-hikmah science, written in exact time in the arabic month.

70 USD

taweez for money

Parchment money taweez

This item is handmade from a goat leather parchment on which with roohani ink are written several wafiq for money, gaining wealth and abundance.

The item is prepared in certain day of the month in exact positions of the planets so to gain maximum effect from it.
The item then is rolled on a scroll and put in a wooden box so it can be put in your home or workplace.

This item has countless benefits connected with wealth: it opens luck drastically, raise salary, new better job opportunities, get more new clients in trade, and higher respect from people, get career promotion and different social benefits. If jobless –soon you can find a suitable job
If the item is kept in home - the rest of family members benefits from it, also.

Read more about the parchament talisman

150 USD

khodam neckalce

Necklace with khodam

The word khodam means a spiritual server or assistant. In the western world is known as guardian angel, but in the islamic mythology hierarchy, they are below the angels. A lot of people think that they are jinns, too, but despite them, the khodams can do only good. Almost every person can feel the presence of this creatures. It cannot be mistaken , because when they are around, you will feel that you are watched constantly, you can feel enormous amount of power in you, positive attitude to everything and peace with the whole world. More sensitive and pious persons even can see them.

Once bonded to person, it overshadows, constantly watching over, fulfilling needs, protecting and guiding.

This necklace is made with malachite stone. We prefer to evoke and bound the khodam in this stone because of its great spiritual values. It helps the bearer to make better relation with the creature so it can have more influence over the bearer ,than the other stones. The stone helps the bearer to open his mind for the help of the khodam. It also protects its bearer from misfortunes and troubles.

There is no matter who is the owner of the necklace – male or female.
As much the khodam necklace is worn, its powers grows... read more about the khodam neckalce

80 US dollars including worldwide shipping

taweez for blessings

Wall taweez for blessings

In this handmade item two of the great names of Allah S.A.T. are combined with their numerical values - the expander and the opener - Al-Basit and Al-Fatah.

Around their squares, the great Nade Ali dua is written to strengthen their effect.

With the help of this two names - your life will be changed completely. Basit is responsiblre for expanding of wealth and gaining more income. For respect from all - friends and foes. To gain higher society status and earthly desires become manifested. Fatah is responsible for opening of any closed doors in life. For success in all deeds and luck opening. All of these benefits are enhanced by the Nade Ali dua which helps in all endevours so everything goes easy and smoothly. Sometimes you won`t even know from where these pleasant surprises had come to you.

The size of this wall talisman is 30x21 cm.

140 USD

taweez for protection

Wall taweez for protection

This handmade item is created using the beautiful Allah name - Al-Hafiz or as it is knowned - the preserver with its abjad numerical value. Around its square - the great Nade Ali dua is written to amplify its effect. Maybe you have seen a lot of similar printed items for wall but there is nothing like the handwritten and empowered talisman.

This item is for protection from any evil, kala jadu, bad eye (nazribad) and jinn - no matter if you put it in home or at workplace, as long as you are around it. It can drive away disasters, robbers and killers. It also helps greatly to win over opponents and enemies with the help of Allah S.A.T.

The size of this wall talisman is 30x21 cm.

100 USD

taweez towel for career advancement

Towel for career advancement and respect

A lot of people are feeling underestimated in their service. No matter how much efforts you put - no one sees them.
No matter how good you are in your work - no one appreciate it and even worse - your colleagues are spreding gossips against you.
Going to work has become for you a nightmare.
You know you deserve a better treatment, but you are stuck.
If ever someone will notice your hard working?

And here comes this towel with printed wafiq on it, which helps to achieve goals. Non-alcoholic permume must be put on it nad wear in pocket.
Soon noticeable changes can be seen in workplace.
Gain respect in the eyes of colleagues and bosses.
Start illuminating dignity and bigger esteem also in home, in family, around friends, even when walking on the streets.
All gossips will stop, also the bad behaviour from these people.
They will start seeing you as a wisdom leader and come to you for advice and help.
They will intercede for you when needed. And the best part is that your bosses will start noticing you and your work.
It won`t take a long time and job promotions can be offered to you - with higher salary and social benefits.
This towel is good for finding a new job opportunities, too.

50 USD

Taweez multipurpose scarf

Taweez multipurpose scarf

This polyester scarf is inprinted with some very interesting wafiq with hundreds of benefits. Here are some of them:

1. for people who want to get married quickly - open of luck.
2. for career pormotion;
3. for those who sell;
4. To keep safe vehicles - without accidents;
5. For people who want to remain pious and stay away from sins;
6. Against mental problems, depression and anxiety;
7. To be respected and accepted from bosses and anyone superior;
8. To be successful in job interviews and when speaking in front of people;
9. All works to go easily and smooth;

The size of the scarf is 31 cm /19 cm.You can put some etheric oil on it and wear in pocket or wallet as much as possible.

40 USD

scarf for barkah

Scarf for barkat and blessings

This scarf is multipurpose. It can help in various situations.

Usually it is used from the people to get Allah blessings, for barkat, for abundance and luck in every field of life.

Shop owners are using it to get more clients, Jobless people to find a job.

People with no luck are using this scarf to open they luck.

It is used also for protection of its owners from misfortunes.

The scarf can be worn by any individual no matter of his religion or ethnic group.

It also can put in home - on wall or door.
The size of the scarf is 35x35 cm.
We have in green and black color.

45 USD

  • taweez for total power

    Taweez for total power

  • khodam taweez neckalce

    Khodam necklace

  • Taweez for protection

    Talisman for protection of goods with surah Ikhlas

  • taweez for wealth

    Parchment money taweez

  • taweez for blessings

    Wall taweez for blessings

  • taweez for protection

    Wall taweez for protection

  • taweez scarf

    Towel for career advancement and respect

  • scarf for barkah

    Barkat scarf

  • Taweez multipurpose scarf

    Multipurpose scarf