Golden taweez for wealth, protection, abundance and barkat

gold taweez

We prepared this item in exact day of the Arabic month, following the ancient rules of taweez making. We used golden ink to inscribe all writings. This beautiful A4 format wall taweez comes with a beautiful frame so it can be hang on every wall in house or office.

In the taweez surah Ikhlas is written for protection and also some of the Allah beautiful names connected with wealth, money, abundance and barkat – Razzaq, Fattah,Ghani and Kafi.

And here are some of the benefits of this unique item :

  • The Most High God will give great blessings from unexpected places;
  • You will be spared the hardships and troubles of life, you will spend your life in abundance and the jobs you accept will bring you success, happiness and prosperity.;
  • You will easily reach the means of livelihood, and God will open to you and around those doors which were hitherto closed to you;
  • If this taweez hangs in a store, the number of customers will quickly increase and a profitable business will develop in a short time;
  • Your business will be successful and bring great profits;
  • After a short time, big and very positive changes will occur in life;
  • You will be a favorite in the environment in which you are living and working;
  • in a short period of time, your influence and wealth will increase;
  • Your opinion will be respected, valued and respected everywhere;
  • If you have bad habits and traits, they will disappear with time and you will get rid of all possible vices;
  • If a person is sick, he will get well soon, God willing.
  • If a woman is single, she will definitely get married;
  • If person has no children, God will give him happy and good children.
  • If he is in poverty and misery, he will quickly overcome poverty and in time become rich and respected in the environment in which he lives.
  • If this taweez is kept in home chest or safe, Almighty God will help to increase what is in them.
  • God will open the door of his hidden treasury. Many will come to you from unexpected places. And literally all doors will be open for you.
gold taweez

Its price is :

220 USD or £179 including worldwide shipping.