Barkat taweez for every problem

taweez for barkat

Nothing in your life is OK. You don`t have any money, no luck, your health is poor, at workplace your colleagues hate you and there is no career development for you. You want to change your job, to find a better one, but it is so hard nowadays. Everything is in ruins. Life is kicking you in the face. And yes- you are single from god knows how much time.

So here comes this talisman-taweez for barkat and blessings, so to be successful in life.
It is a great luck opener and divine blessings will fall from the skies upon you for a long, peaceful and happy life. Here are some of the benefits of this Arabic amulet:

  1. If you are jobless - opportunities for suitable jobs start appearing.
  2. increase in salary
  3. financial stability;
  4. career promotion
  5. protection from black magic and evil;
  6. protection from disasters and calamities-fire, water, storms, etc.;
  7. finding a rightful spouse;
  8. opening of luck;
  9. If you are alone, you will find friends.
  10. boost of charisma;
  11. respect and reputation from people;
  12. bigger self-esteem and confidence
  13. Protection of every known and unknown enemy;
  14. No one will dare to harm you. Your enemies will feel fear in front of you;
  15. Marriage proposals for delayed marriage;
  16. Enhance intuition and ability to attract positive events in life;
  17. Harmony in family and relationships;

You will start to live more freely. Don't you want that?

This taweez is made on exact day of the Arabic month, following the ancient mystic rules of our sufi order, using the most powerful Allah names for barkat blessings. This item is written with our special roohani ink. On it - certain dhikr is done while evaporating a mixture of different resin incenses. So the item comes empowered and ready to use. Women can wear it during their monthly period.
With its small size ( 4 cm by 1 cm), you can wear it unnoticed. As much as you wear it, its powers grow. This item can be used by anyone. The only restriction is to protect it from bad odors. You can wear on neck, arm, in wallet or pocket.

It can be combined with any other of our taweez and there will be a synergy effect from all of them. This item is purely halal and no black magic (sihr) is used for its preparation. Keep in mind that we are true enemies of any kind of sorcery. It is very rare to find such wonderful taweez made properly with so many benefits at such a small cost. The taweez that you will get may not look like the one in the photo here.

Its price is :

40 USD or £36 including worldwide shipping.