Taweez for love and marriage – types, preparation, success rate


1. Brief introduction of taweez for love and marriage

From the beginning of history, human civilization faced a lot of problems to deal with in its everyday life. But there can be put in 3–4 groups – to be secured and protected, to have food and sustenance, to be healthy and its deep love feelings to be satisfied. And if we speak frankly – a lot of people prefer their heart to be satisfied with their desired love than to be healthy, protected and to have food on the table. If you ask someone which has unrequited love what he will prefer - one million dollars or to be with the beloved one, you will not be surprised to hear the answer. This is the reason, the talismans for love to appear almost right after the protection ones in the human history.

These talismans evolved in the different pagan cults, used in magic practices, using in different religions, take some parts from each other and they non evolve in the centuries. Even today. Now days, people are so much dissatisfied from their lives, no matter how great there are in comparison to the last few centuries. People today may have fancy cars, clothes, abundance and wealth. But the trills of the heart cannot be bought. Even the Hollywood stars are suffering from love sick.

taweez for love back

In the roohania, the Islamic love and marriage taweez didn't evolve and didn't mix with other practices from different religions, cults, magic, etc. They stayed the same as they were written in the beginning by the mystical teachers.

The love problems are the hardest to deal with, sometimes it is easier to win the lottery with a taweez, instead to win the heart of the beloved one. And because of this in most of the cases – not only Islamic talisman is made, but also a complete ritual/amal, connected with the problem. We are talking especially for the 'get ex back' talismans.

In the roohania science there are literary thousands of talismans and amals on this matter.

2. Types of taweez for love and marriage depend on their purpose.

2.1. Talisman-taweez to get ex back - taweez for love back

The most common and used love tameemah are those to get ex back (taweez for husband, wife or spouse), a.k.a. taweez for love back and to evoke love in the heart of a person, that you love, but don't respond with the same (it can be colleague, friend, etc.). They are also and the most difficult to work. Sometimes they need even months to start showing their effects. In this kind of Islamic talismans, different Quranic verses can be used. Like the one below:


Also, any of Allah names connected with getting ex back and reunion can be used – for example, WADUD or JAMI. Not only taweez can be written, but it is good every day a dhikr to be performed. A lot of people ask us – how long we have to wear the item or recite the dhikr – the simple answer is until there is a result. For some people the result may come very fast, for others – a quite some days they must be worn and dhikr performed. Here is a sample of one taweez for reunion of couples with the name of Al-JAMI.

taweez with Jami name

Of course – there are hundreds and hundreds more taweez which are not directly connected with the Quran, but are still halal. Usually they are written with grids and numbers in them, which represent a numerical value (abjad) of certain surah/ayats or the names of the person who search the love and the person which love is wanted. And sometimes combined.

taweez for love

As you can see – this is a whole science.

2.2.Taweez to find new love and partner

A lot of people don't have luck in love and relationships, no matter how good they are or how nice they look. Some people are shy or just had enough from trying to get a spouse or any intimate partner. These taweez usually work fast and very smooth. Keep in mind that they are not for increasing your personal charisma, but to open your luck for finding your right person. Again – they can be made with Quranic verses, using Allah names for this (like As-Samad) or be completely different from them.

2.3. The taweez for marriage proposals

These are used when you got a spouse/lover, and you want something more – a commitment and engagement. They also work very good and smooth. Keep in mind that they can be used only when you are already in a relationship and have regular contact with your partner.

taweez for love back

3. Types of taweez for love and marriage depend on their way of using.

3.1. For wearing

The most common one type – You have to wear the taweez in you – the best place is to hang on a string on your neck or on your right arm. The contact with the skin and body is the best way of working for every talisman. We know that in some countries and in some places (like workplace), it is not possible to wear them in that way, and it will be found as inappropriate. So they can be put in a pocket or sometimes under your pillow when you sleep. Remember that as much as you wear the taweez, or it is near you – it power grows.

taweez for love

3.2. For burying

There are some taweez that need to be buried – sometimes in the wet mud near river or sometimes in graveyard. In our practice, we usually use graveyard, because it is the strongest. Taweez also can be hide in the threshold of the house of the beloved one if possible, so the person will pass over it a lot of times. Other way is to hide the talisman somewhere in the house of the other person, which also is good, but sometimes it is not possible. There are also some love taweez that are put under stones or any heavy objects.

3.3. For burning

some of the items can be burned – for example – a taweez with symbols like the one below, can be written, the names of the both persons also at the bottom of it, then wrap in it 3 seeds of black pepper and one particle of incense and then throw in fire. In the example below – this has to be done 3 times a day for 21 days.

love back taweez

There are also taweez made on a cloth, which is burned in oil lamp for several days. Other way is to use a engraved piece of metal and to put every day for 10–15 minutes in the fire, until there is a result.

3.4. For dissolving

Usually these taweez for love has to be dissolved in water and then the water to be given directly to the person you love. The other way is to mix this water with other non-alcoholic drinks or food and then again – give them to the person of your heart. Of course – this is not always possible. In such cases – you can sprinkle with dissolved water around the place where your beloved one passes.

3.5. Love and marriage taweez on a tree - to be put on air

Another way to use a mascot like our get ex back talisman is to hang it on a living tree – preferably a fruit tree (because the fruits are sweet). The wind will blow in the item and swing them. This is a very good way of using these talismans, and they work good, but keep in mind that in countries with a lot of rainy days like the United Kingdom, they will be easily destroyed from the water. The problem with that is that they don't have to be wrapped in any plastic or something.

taweez for love

4. Preparation of taweez for love marriage

Because these talismans are for good, for positive effect – they have to be made in the beginning of the Arab month. Especially in the day of the Venus, which is connected with the love. And it will be more good – if they are made in Venus hour, too. The ink in the most cases is roohani saffron ink, made from several ingredients, but in some cases, black ink can be used, too. Keep in mind that this black ink is not the same black (shar) ink like the one used for bad intentions.

When the taweez is written, following the exact rules for this, a special dhikr or wazifa must be recited on it, exact amount of times, so the item to be empowered. These talismans must be put on the smoke of burning frankincense. The frankincense is usually a mix of different resins, appropriate for the exact item. Very rare, there are love taweez that can be made without reciting. Everything must be done in a calm state of mind, in a quiet room with no one to disturb you. You have to wear clean clothes and make wudu before start.

taweez for love back

5. Success rate of love taweez

The success rate depends on different factors. One of the main factors is the knowledge of the person who creates the talisman. As you read the whole article and the other articles on the site, the process of creating Islamic talismans is not easy and if you are not careful, you can bypass a step, make a mistake and from there – the talisman won't work. Another factor that can ruin the work is for the person who will use the talisman – if he wears the item and non-stop thinking of it and lusting for results, it won't be effective as it should be and very possible not to work. Because of this, our advice is to wear the talisman in you and live your life. We know that it is hard to not think about it. In every case, the person who is wearing the item, has to follow the exact instructions given to him by the teacher who prepared it. All these will maximize the chance of success of the taweez. Remember that emailed, scanned and copied tameemah cannot work.

As we already wrote, the taweez for love marriage, especially with ex-partner are the most complex and time-consuming ones, so we suggest you to be prepared for waiting some more time and to be patient. When we make love works if the case is complicated, we suggest our clients to go for ours get ex back spells because they are more powerful.

taweez for love back

6. Uses of love taweez in ‘impossible’ love cases

A lot of people come to us with such questions: ‘I want to get together with Cameron Diaz. I want to get together with my ex-wife, but she lives on other continent. I didn't see my crush from 10 years, can you help?’

Keep in mind that there is nothing impossible in this world. But as greater is your wish, more time it needs to get fulfilled. And from the above three examples – the one with Cameron Diaz is the hardest, unless you are working together, have eye contact or catch her in the coffee shop every morning. ’ In such cases as the three above, only talismans will not help, so there should be strong amals-rituals to be done for sure.

7. Side effects of love taweez

Generally, we couldn't speak for some unique side effects from the taweez for love marriage. The worst side effect is to get a headache for some time, which disappears with the time of wearing. If not disappear – we suggest you to remove the item from you – for some time – about 1 week. Then put it on again. These Islamic talismans are completely safe for their owners or the people around them. As a final words, we want to advice you to not make such talismans by yourself, unless you are completely sure about their usage. A lot of taweez amliyat books on the market are offering false information about them. Especially those written on urdu, hindi or distributed on pdf file.

Author: Salam Burdu

Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects, as well as for his advice on how to protect oneself from it.