9 client taweez cases from our practice in UK


As an Islamic scholars specializing in the preparation of taweez, we have had the profound privilege of assisting a diverse clientele in the United Kingdom, while living there for some years. Our taweez, have played a pivotal role in providing healing and protection for countless individuals. In this extensive article, we will share nine real-life cases from our practice, to illustrate how prepared by us taweez in UK have been harnessed for healing and protection. Each case will delve into the unique challenges faced, the meticulously tailored taweez solutions provided, and the remarkable transformations experienced by our clients after using these amulets. Some of the names are changed for security reasons.

Case 1: Amina's quest for inner peace

Amina's story begins in the bustling city of London. She was a woman of 38, who had recently experienced the harrowing turmoil of a painful divorce. The emotional scars ran deep, and she carried the weight of her struggles with her every day. Amina yearned for solace and emotional healing. We engaged in a comprehensive consultation, delving into the intricate layers of her emotional wounds. It was essential to identify the Quranic verses that would best serve Amina's specific needs like the one below:

taweez for despair

The chosen verses, known for their ability to soothe the heart and calm turbulent emotions, were carefully inscribed on a taweez amulet. This amulet was adorned with intricate calligraphy, done with the utmost care and precision. The ink used was purified, and the entire process was carried out in a state of ritual purity and wudu.

Amina, after receiving the item, carried it close to her heart, placing it in a small taweez locket that she wore around her neck. The verses resonated with her, and over time, she reported that she felt a gradual transformation taking place within her. The soothing properties of the taweez had begun to mend the fractures in her spirit. It became a source of strength, a sanctuary she could turn to in moments of despair. This Naqshbandi taweez was not just an amulet; it was a companion in her journey towards inner peace.

Case 2: Samir's battle against illness

In the heart of Manchester, Samir's story unfolded. He was a dedicated father whose days were shadowed by the recurring health issues his son faced. Here we cannot describe his medical condition due to legal issues, but the weight of concern was heavy on his shoulders, as every effort to alleviate his son's suffering through conventional medical treatments seemed to fall short. Desperation led Samir to seek the healing and protection offered by a rohani ilaj taweez amulet.

The consultation with Samir involved a thorough exploration of his son's medical history, the nature of the illness, and the family's unwavering hope for a recovery. It was clear that the verses and the squares inscribed on the taweez had to be carefully chosen to emphasize well-being and recovery. The process of crafting the taweez was a meticulous one, with each verse and square chosen for its specific attributes in aiding recovery.

After the amulet was crafted, it was ceremoniously consecrated. It was a sacred object, imbued with spiritual power that Samir could feel even as he held it in his hands. Placing the taweez under his son's pillow, he watched with hope as a gradual improvement took place. The amulet became a symbol of hope for the whole family, a tangible source of the strength Samir needed to continue the battle for his son's well-being.

taweez for illness

Case 3: Nadia's pursuit of spiritual growth

In the city of Birmingham, the faithful muslim Nadia embarked on a profound spiritual journey. She was a university student seeking to deepen her connection to her faith and find guidance in her spiritual path. She has lost her Iman. Our consultation with Nadia delved deeply into her spiritual aspirations and personal beliefs. It was evident that the inscriptions on her taweez had to facilitate a profound connection with her faith and offer spiritual guidance.

The taweez created for Nadia was full with verses selected to enhance her spirituality and provide her with divine guidance. The ink used in the process was pure roohani ink, made from very excpensive ingredients, and the crafting was carried out with reverence. The taweez, once prepared, was blessed with the intent to serve as a spiritual compass.

As Nadia carried the taweez with her, she reported a transformation in her spiritual journey. The verses inscribed on the amulet resonated deeply with her, acting as a source of inspiration and guidance. She described the talisman as a guiding light in her life, helping her navigate her spiritual path with a newfound sense of purpose and a recharged Iman.

Case 4: Safeguarding the home

In a tranquil neighborhood in Leeds, a hindu family was haunted by concerns about negative energies and potential harm within their home. In simple words – jinns. Their anxiety led them to seek the protection that a taweez amulet could provide. The consultation in this case involved discussions about their experiences, fears, and the need to establish a protective barrier around their home.

The taweez with surah ikhlas created for this family was adorned also with Allah names squares known for their protective qualities. The crafting process involved great care, ensuring that the writtings were inscribed with precision and the ink used was roohani. Once completed, the taweez was placed in the front door of their home.

quran taweez

Case 5: Sana's healing journey

Sana's story happened in the city of Glasgow. She was a woman burdened by profound emotional trauma stemming from a personal loss of her mother at very young age. Grief weighed heavily on her, and she felt lost in the depths of her sorrow. Seeking healing, Sana turned to us for solution, recognizing the potential to soothe her emotional wounds.

The consultation with Sana was marked by discussions about the nature of her grief and her yearning for emotional healing. The talisman-taweez prepared for her contained Allah names renowned for their ability to provide solace and healing.

As Sana carried the quranic taweez with her, she found it to be a source of comfort and strength. It was as if the verses inscribed on the amulet held the power to mend her broken spirit. Over time, the taweez became her guiding light, providing her with solace and the strength to heal and rebuild her life.


Case 6: Yusuf's struggle with anxiety

In Birmingham, Yusuf, a young professional working in a hospital, found himself entangled in the suffocating grip of severe anxiety. This emotional burden hindered his personal and career growth, and he sought a means to break free from its hold. Our consultation with Yusuf was marked by discussions about the nature of his anxiety and his desire for inner peace.

We crafted ruhani taweez for Yusuf which contained verses known for their calming properties and was designed to instill a sense of inner peace. The completed taweez was a sacred object, blessed to act as a guardian against anxiety.

As Yusuf wore the talisman daily, he reported a profound transformation in his life. The amulet had become his steadfast companion, offering protection against the storms of anxiety. Yusuf moved forward with unwavering confidence, empowered by the soothing properties of our product.

taweez for anxiety

Case 7: Imran's search for spiritual guidance

Imran, a middle-aged man living in Bexley, embarked on a profound spiritual journey, yearning for deeper insight into his faith and a clearer sense of purpose. In our consultation with him, he expressed his desire for spiritual clarity and guidance in his life. In simple words – he was lost in life and wanted guidance. We told him that we cannot give him such, but we can make an item to reveal his purpose in life. The taweez created for Imran was adorned with verses known to enhance spirituality and offer divine guidance. Imran shared that the talisman had become his guiding star, illuminating his path towards spiritual clarity. It served as a source of inspiration and a companion in his quest for a deeper connection with his faith. He just has lust for life now.

Case 8: Ayesha's marital harmony

In Manchester, Ayesha, a wife and mother, found herself ensnared in the complex web of marital strife that had plagued her family life for some time. She approached us seeking healing for her fractured family and unity within her home. She has also some bad accidents with her husbands who beat her when he get drunk.

The Islamic taweez crafted for Ayesha contained verses and Allah attributes emphasizing love and unity within the family. Each verse was inscribed with great care and precision, using purified materials. Once prepared, she wore the item with great passion day and night. Ayesha reported that the taweez had rekindled the harmony within her home. Her relationship with her husband had significantly improved, bringing joy and unity back into their lives. And the best is - her husband apologize for everything and stop drinking.

taweez for family harmony

Case 9: James's quest for good fortune and luck

In Birmingham, James, who was a university student, aspired to change the course of his academic fortunes. He sought to enhance his luck and boost his academic success. The consultation with James revealed his fervent desire for academic achievement and a change in his overall luck. In short – he wanted to be a great inventor. But he didn`t have any luck in this.

The taweez crafted for James contained Allah attributes for success and good fortune. Once prepared, the muslim talisman was placed in James's possession.

Ahmed carried the taweez with him during his studies and reported a remarkable turnaround in his academic journey. His achievements and overall luck had taken a remarkable turn for the better.

The methodology of crafting our taweez

In each of these cases, our approach to crafting taweez amulets remained deeply rooted in tradition and respect for Islamic teachings. Our meticulous process included:

1. Consultation: We initiated a comprehensive consultation with each client, allowing us to understand their unique needs, concerns, and intentions for the taweez.
2. Selection of Verses and Symbols: Based on the consultation, we carefully selected Quranic verses, squares, prayers, and other Allah attributes and symbols that were deeply relevant to the purpose of the taweez, chosen with the utmost care and consideration.
3. Crafting and Blessing: The chosen verses and symbols were expertly inscribed on the amulets using traditional methods, involving purified saffron ink and materials. After crafting, the taweez were ritually blessed and consecrated, with reciting dikhr , imbuing them with spiritual power.
4. Guidance for Use: We provided clear and simple instructions on how the taweez should be utilized, whether worn as an amulet, placed in the home, or carried during travel. The importance of continuing one's faith, prayers, and devotion was emphasized, as taweez were viewed as supplementary aids to these practices.

These cases, underscore the profound impact that the Islamic taweez can have on individuals seeking healing, protection, and spiritual growth. Our commitment to preserving the sanctity of taweez while adapting to the contemporary needs of our clients underscores the enduring relevance of this ancient tradition in the modern world. For more life stories – you can visit our client review page with real screenshots from our clients.

Author: Salam Burdu

Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects, as well as for his advice on how to protect oneself from it.