Crafting Your Own Protection Taweez: Full Guide


The main purpose of the Islamic talisman-taweez by its definition is to be used for protection of person or home. This was the idea of these talismans first creation centuries ago, long before islam. With the time, different kind of talismans started to be invented – for love, for money, for healing, for success, etc. But in its roots – the main purpose of all these items was to protect person or place. In this article, we will explain how taweez for protection can be made, even if you are not a professional.

protection taweez

Which taweez are for protection and for what purposes they are used

As we wrote above – the whole ideal of the talismans is for protection. There can be used for different kind of protection: - against spiritual problems or against material problems.

A lot of people came to us with complaints that they got black magic on them ( kala jadoo) or djinns, or their houses are haunted by evil spirits. In most of the cases, they have jealous relatives who don`t like them and send them djinns and curse them with black magic. Put strange things in their backyards or hide them in their homes with the intention to harm them. All of these are spiritual problems and if the victim don't take some kind of measures like using of protection taweez – the problems can be there for years. The victims have different symptoms of kala jadoo and possessing with which they are living for years before they reach us for help. Usually these problems evolve into material problems, but the root of them is all in the spiritual field. We have to assure you that in our practice, we made the conclusion that very rare someone will make death magic on you, because it is an expensive work and only a few can make it successful.

grand taweez for protection

The other types of problems with which protection taweez can handle are the material ones, which are not due to black magic. You have to know that sometimes, things just happen – the washing machine got broken, there are car accidents, you can fall on the ground and break your arm. It is not necessary someone to make black magic on you or send you a djinn, so these things to happen. In such cases, the Islamic talismans for protection against accidents and calamities works great.

In both cases –for spiritual or material issues – our taweez for protection can be wear by the person, put under pillow or somewhere in the house in case you want property protection.

As any other taweez – the protection ones also can be done writing Quranic verses, using Allah names or using non-quranic symbols and texts ( like the Nade Ali taweez). However – the most used protection talismans are made with Quranic verses.

What is the success rate of the Islamic protection talismans – we may say – very high. These are ones of the most fast working taweez – talismans among all. The results come literary days after start using them.

protection taweez

How taweez for protection work?

The taweez is an Islamic talisman, on which different special symbols or words are written, and then it is empowered with recitation of certain texts on it (dhikr or wazifa). In this way the physical object get certain powers and these powers can have different purposes. A lot of people for ages were wondering how such things can be possible – because it sounds like a fairy tale. We believe that certain words and their reciting have power to change the whole universe and course of events. As it is written in the book of the Christians - the Bible – In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Below is one of the wazifas we read on taweez for protection against enemy

wazifa for protection taweez

Preparing the ink for the taweez - finding the right materials and ingredients

As we already wrote, there could be taweez for protection from different problems. There are litelray thousands of taweez pdf books out there, but be careful while you choose, because most of them are written intentionally mistaken. Keep in mind that we are talking only for paper made talismans. When you figure out which taweez best suits your case, it is now time to find the proper ingredients. The main of them is the ink – it should be roohani (or spiritual) ink. The ink for writing the taweez should be made in certain time of the month. It is made from very quality saffron, rose water with no alcohol in it and special dye made from the resin of one tree called ‘dragon blood’, because it is red. These types of trees, known also as Socotra dragon trees, grow only in Yemen now days. This dye gives the red color of the ink. Keep in mind that only a mixture of saffron and rose water won't do the work and the ink will be useless. It becomes yellow ( like on the photo below), and we have tried to work with it with no success. Also, you have to keep in mind that it has to stay in a dark place when not using it.

saffron ink

Proccess of taweez creation

Choosing the right time

So, you have to choose the right time to write the taweez for protection. Usually it has to be in the beginning of the Arabic month, and you have to find the right day and hour for this work to be done. Keep in mind that each day of the week and hour is used for a different purpose - for love, for money, for career, for bad things, etc.

Writing the taweez

After you found the right time for creating the taweez, you have to start the writing itself. Before you start, you have to put on clean clothes, to make wudu, not to take meat for at least 24 hours before that. You have to recite exact Quranic verses just before start the work, these verses will be for cleansing for you from any negative influences while you are preparing the items. The creation must be done in a quite room, when no one can disturb you.

Reciting dhikr on them

After you finished writing the taweez in complete silence, you must recite on the paper dhikr or wazifa so to empower it. You must recite what you have written a certain amount of times. Sometimes this can take a whole day. And how to know how many times you have to recite – usually you have to make abjad calculations of the written text. The recitation must be done without speaking any other words and talking to someone. Keep in mind also, that special type of resin must be used for frankincense to vaporize while reciting. The best one is the royal hojari olibanum.

recite dhikr on protection taweez

How to use and wear the taweez for protection in our everyday life

Assume that you have finish with the preparing of the taweez – now you have to know what to do with it. If the taweez is for protection of human – you can wear it on neck – this is the best. But here comes the problem – if it is put in a metal locket or in a leather pouch – it is very possible to stop working. The idea of every talisman is to be as close as possible to your skin and not to be any barriers for this. It is also not good to put in plastic/selo tape, because it will work slower, and it is possible even not to work. We know that when the item is put in something -it is more protected from extreme weather conditions, but this is how the things works. This is not something that we made up. And yes- we know – that sometimes, our clients cannot wear the taweez freely on their necks, due to their specific work and unfriendly environment. In such cases – we suggest taweez to be worn on arm – on an arm band, or in pocket. Other way is to put the taweez for protection under sleeping pillow – in such way – it will affect you while you are sleeping. Remember that taweez to work – it has to be around you as much as possible. As more you wear it – more it power grows stronger and stronger.

taweez on arm

When you are trying to protect a car or any other type of vehicle – just put the item somewhere in the car. Better – around the front seats. And if you want to protect your house/building/store/yard and so on – you can put the item somewhere around the front door. And you can check our Golden taweez for wealth, protection, abundance and barkat. It is exactly from that kind - to be put in house or office. Again – we are telling you – try not to wrap it in any type of selo tape, put in a metal locket or leather pouch. For some taweez – they can be put in cotton cloth with different color, depend on their purpose.

Author: Salam Burdu

Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects, as well as for his advice on how to protect oneself from it.