Quick guide to recognize if taweez and spellcaster are not scam and fake


The vast majority of our clients come to us after they have been scammed by a lot of fake peers, magicians, spellcasters, occultists and so on. Usually, the people fade in their arms because of their lies about fast results, sometimes even for 24 hours. Which, of course, cannot happen in real life. And if something like this happens, it is not due to the spellcaster's powers but due to a chance. As we tell our clients almost every time – there is no Harry Potter magical stick in this world for instant results. Yes, we want this, too, but for pity – there is no such a thing. So you need to have a patience for the end results. We are not speaking only for the spells, but also for the Islamic talismans – taweez. So, today we want to give you some guidance on how to recognize if you are victim to a spellcast and taweez fraud.

Time frame for taweez, spells and magic to work

As we already wrote – the unbelievable short time frame must ring a bell in your heads. If a spellcaster, magician or peer tells you that you can bring your beloved back to you for 24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days, he is obviously lying to you. Yes, we also want these things to work so fast but they can`t. This is not the nature of the spiritual workings – no matter if they are Muslim halal or sihr, rohania, Indian vashikaran, daemons, black magic, kala jadoo, voodoo or anything else. These things need time to unfold and it is more than 24 hours for sure. For some of the most complex works – it needs even 6 months to start working. Because of this, your patience is of a lot of importance. We always tell our clients – ‘Live your life and try not to think of this, so it can work faster. Don`t overthink! Don`t lust for results. This will only make your life a hell.’

taweez results overthinking

The idea of the fake spellcasters is to make you hungry for their fast service. Nobody wants to wait weeks or months. Everyone wants everything now – at the moment! Especially when the client comes to get his ex back! People can be hungry and poor, but they cannot live without love. And they become obsessed with that idea for love.

There is one unofficial rule for the taweez and the Islamic spellcasting – amals. This rule says that it needs at least 21 days for the item or process to start working. And with time, the power of taweez grows. Of course - sometimes things can happen faster – even after a week, but you have to keep in mind that the time frame is different every time, like there are no two identical people in this world. Sometimes we cancel some orders if the client is too pushy, unpatient and demanding.

time frame for spells

The high prices of the taweez and spellcasters

Maybe you have noticed the high prices for taweez, spellcasting and magic services. Yes, these things are time-consuming (if they are done by rules) and yes, some of the items and ingredients used in them are not cheap. But spellcast for protection that costs 3000 usd or a simple printed taweez for love back that costs 300 usd…We even heard years before a spellcaster who charges 8 000 us dollars for love spelling.

The problem is that - out there it is full of desperate people who are driven by their emotions and cannot think rationally but their minds are in a fog of emotions. The fake spellcasters are using this and, like real good salesmen, they can smell the desperation when communicating with people. They become very good listeners and promise everything. Then they start to want more and more money and insist on sending them money as soon as possible…of course, at the end most of them disappear.

This is the reason why the prices of our spellcasting taweez services are very low – we have written several times already on our site – we don`t want to make money from people`s tragedies. When you want to purchase something from a spellcaster – first of all – check their prices – if they are unreasonably high – just run in the opposite direction.

real spellcaster

Taweez – how to recognize if it is genuine?

Let`s assume you decided to buy taweez – no matter for what purpose. The main thing you have to know about them is that scanned, email-ed or printed taweez DO NOT WORK! NEVER! They cannot work. The reason is very simple – when the paper taweez is made, it has to be empowered – certain words must be recited on it an exact amount of times, so the paper and the writtings on it can be empowered – physically. If, after that, the taweez is scanned, emailed and printed – it won`t work, because the new paper on which the emailed taweez is printed is not empowered. Not to mention that the ink for writing the taweez has to be special – for good purposes – it has to be roohani saffron ink and for bad purposes – it has to be tar ink. Both inks are made from different special ingredients and we believe that no printer got them. Remember that a taweez ( no matter whether it is on paper or engraved on metal) if there is no dhikr/wazifa on it ( the recitation of these special words) – it is just a child drawing that has no power. The taweez that you should get must be in an envelope in a physical form, written by hand.

taweez for money

The next thing that you have to notice when you get the taweez – if there are any instructions. Usually they are very simple to follow. Keep in mind that taweez should be protected from bad smells - this is the main restriction.

And the last thing – maybe the most important - what is written in the taweez. Usually the taweez are not supposed to be unfolded and opened by clients. But a lot of people open them to see what is inside and, in that way, they are risking their work. We asked a lot of our clients who unfold the taweez and open them – ‘And what did you find there? Something extraordinary? Something from outer space?’. No, friends – there is just text there, special text for your case and nothing more.

However, we have seen open taweez of different spellcasters in which is written absolutely BS, ( see the example photo below), so it won`t work. And we are not talking about the blue pen ink. Maybe the spellcaster thinks that the placebo effect will do the work. The example below is from a very renowned Pakistani peer who obviously rips off the poor people and just gives food to his ego on the back of the poor ignorant people without helping them.

fake taweez

The spellcasting work – how to know if it is genuine?

Let`s assume that you have finally found the right spellcaster and pay him. Some of them can take your hard-earned money and just disappear – no name, no face, no number. Well, now you are officially a victim of fraud and it is hard to find the scammers – usually they are using networks of people to take your money and to disappear somewhere in Nigeria. By the way, we have one of our clients – an old man from Canada, who was scammed with 200 000 dollars by such people.

However, if the spellcaster stays online for your job – it is very possible just to tell you – ‘I have done your work, stay there and wait for results, bye!’. We know about such cases, too – for people using ‘western magic’ or goetia. There is not even a photo of their work – just for proof that they have done something. They just told you – we have done your work! So, a free advice - when you go for spellwork, always insist on some kind of proof that they have done something. And this proof has to be personalized only for you and your case.

spellcaster altar

Now, something more – we have seen on the internet, that it is full of ‘spellcasters’ that, in their wish to look more genuine, post photos in which they start to mix Islamic symbols, voodoo symbols, Christian icons, demon sigils, Hindu gods, wicca etc. This is another signal that something is not right. You cannot mess Allah with the goetia demon Sitri or Saint George with indian god Brahma. This is absurd. This only comes to tell that the spellcaster is layman, an amateur and is just trying to get your money.

So, let`s wrap up:

4 tips how you can distinguish the real taweez and true spellcaster from the fake and fraud:

1. Time frame for taweez and spellcasting to work

– never trust a spellcaster who tells you that you will see results in 24 hours, 3 days or 7 days.

2. The price of the taweez and spellcasting services

– be very cautious when someone asks you for an enormous amount of money for any spellcasting or taweez. Even the death magic is not more than 2 000 – 3 000 us dollars.

3. Taweez work

– the most important thing is to check if the taweez is written by hand with special ink. Emailed and printed taweez do not work. Check also for instructions. And if there are no restrictions on opening the taweez – check if the writing inside has any meaning at all.

4. Spellcasting work

– always ask for proof (photos) of your order and do a short research of the previous works of your chosen spellcaster – to know if he is an anonymous con artist, amateur or a professional.

Author: Salam Burdu

Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects.