Taweez for health problems


Today we will discuss one very controversial topic – the taweez for health problems. But why controversial? Islamic talismans had been used for health issues from centuries. The controversy comes from this – that sometimes people put all of their hope on taweez in some health cases that are doomed and yes – in some of these cases – taweez help, but when they don`t and if a person dies – all of the fault is put on the mascot, on its maker or even on Allah. S.A.T. People must remember that taweez can help in health problems, but in serious conditions they have to be used together with proper medical treatment and not as standalone treatment. In our practice (especially in U.K.) we have deal with different medical cases, but we always tell our clients that our spiritual remedies must be combined with the proper medical remedies.

taweez for health Taweez for skin condition

For what diseases are there taweez for?

The short answer is – for every kind of health problems. You just named it – for fast healing of broken bones, for kidney stones, diseases of the central nervous system (especially for this – the taweez are very potent), for mental issues, taweez for fever, for different types of cancer, for infectious diseases like HIV, Ebola, etc. (by the way – we don`t know if these are working), for different facial and non-facial skin problems, like scabies, acne, etc. against hair loss, against obesity, paralysis, insomnia, taweez for baby, for different heart diseases. The list is endless.

Unfortunately, much of the information that comes down to us from ancient books is deliberately wrong, so we cannot tell for a lot of the talismans – if they are really working. But we found before years one very special pre-islamic talisman in the old books, for which are stories that was used by the prophet Issa (Jesus Christ),PBUH , which taweez has the power to resurrect the dead people. Of course – we believe that certain conditions must be met for this to work. But all of this come to show the people the limitless power of these mascots and especially when nothing else can work. Here we also want to tell the rationalists and calm them, that taweez has not only placebo effect – this is the half-truth, the other half must remain in secret.

taweez for health issues The above taweez has to be written on mulberry leaves, dissolved and drunk by the ill person. The ancient scholars believe that the person will be cured immediately from every sickness.

How taweez for health issues can be used

Here we have to say that as any other type of islamic talismans, the once for health problems also can be made in Quranic way ( using quranic verses) and in any other halal or haram way. And here are the main three ways of using these items:

By dissolving

The main way of using that kind of taweez is by dissolving and drinking the water or rubbing it on body. For dissolving usually is used clean mineral water or cow/sheep milk. The taweez must stay in the liquid until the ink is dissolve, sometimes for 10 minutes, other time for 24 hours, even on moonlight. As you can see - the instructions of the taweez maker are very important here, so there won`t be any mistake. In some cases – one taweez must be drink for day or two, but in other more complicated situations – a lot of mascots has to be made which have to be dissolved on every few days. In such cases the treatment may continue even for several months. As you know the human body is made of about 60% of water, so putting inside charged water for some time can affect greatly its work. The taweez for rubbing on body are usually used in skin, nail or hair problems.

taweez for dissolving This taweez must be cut out with scissors and then dissolve and drink for several days. However this item cannot work because it is printed.

By wearing

Other option for using the health taweez are by wearing on you – and because they are meant to influence the body – the best way is to be wear on your skin, under clothes. On neck, on waist or on arm. Taweez for very serious mental and brain problems are usually put on the head of the ill person. When it is not possible to wear the talisman, it has to be put as close as possible to the patient - under pillow, under bed sheets, in mattress. The taweez for pregnancy and baby – usually are put under the matrimonial bed.

By burning

Third option for using health taweez is to burn them –usually they have to be burned together with special mixture of frankincense, specially made to threat the exact condition. In that case – the ill person must stay around the smoke and breathe from it. In such cases – this has to be done at least 3 times daily for several days.

taweez for headache Taweez against headache, which has to be put on the head of the ill person.

What are the most common health problems, that are healed by taweez in our practice?

Here we want to make a point of the health taweez that we used in our practice in UK. For our luck - there aren`t many clients which are purchasing health talismans. The main type of health issues that we deal with in our practice through the years, are these connected with infertility in women or with sexual problems in men. And as the culture customs are, the women want taweez for pregnancy, combined with taweez for baby boy. These are not life threatening conditions, but they make people sad for sure and usually bring a lot of depression to them. Other type of health issues is the constant depression, anxiety, fear, and other psychological and mental problems. Others are the ones connected with the central nervous system – problems with speech, etc. Some clients also come to us with the question – if we can help them to make their hair more beautiful, to erase acne or skin cracks om face. And very, very rare people with serious medical conditions came to us.

taweez for abdominal pain Islamic talisman for curing abdominal pain

Taweez for mental health problems and djinn possession

Here we want to talk about the difference between the mental health problems and djinn possession. As you maybe already knew from the Hollywood movies for demons and exorcism – only 2% of the people who claimed to be possessed by demons are really possessed. The other 98% are pure mental health problems and can be cured by using simple taweez. Keep in mind that also the possession usually brings health problems. This brings us to the point – how to distinct if a person is under the influence of a djinn/kala jadoo (black magic) or have mental problems (like depression)? This comes after studying the symptoms of the person and with a lot of years of practice in the field. Just keep in mind that sometimes it can be difficult to make the difference, because the devil is in the details.

Final thoughts

As we already wrote - taweez can be used no matter of the person condition, but always in serious conditions – the client must consult with a doctor and the taweez can be its additional treatment. The human life is precious and you don`t have to count only on the religion and mysticism to preserve it!

Author: Salam Burdu

Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects.