Taweez for enhancing of psychic abilities, divination and intuition


From thousands of years people all over the world has tried to connect with higher powers and God. To get divine knowledge of the Universe or simply to meet their material needs in extraordinary way. In every culture in world has its own way for its people to touch to the divine in one or another way. The amazon tribes are using ayahuaska. Оthers are getting in trance walking on burning coals. Тhird are using divination methods to forecast the future and destiny…examples are thousands. A lot of people are claiming that they are psychic and take people money, but of them at least 98% have nothing to do with divination and psychic. In this article we will write about the use of the islamic talismans in enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.

What are intuition and psychic abilities?

What is intuition – this is the ability of a person to foreshadows given events. All people on Earth has this ability. For most of them – it is stunted feeling and for very small amount of them – it is so advanced that the others think that they are magicians. Even the people who think that don`t have intuition – they are wrong – they have to develop it with different practices. Despite to the psychic abilities. They are really given from above, they cannot be developed with training. You have it or you don`t. And if you want to unlock them – you have to go through a very stressful event or use another type of stimulation. Usually these abilities are connected with very intense fortunetelling, connect with high powers, revelations and communicating with God.

sufi doing divination with taweez

Benefits of taweez for psychic abilities and intuition

The whole idea of the islam Sufi orders is founded on connecting with Allah and to become one with the divine. So the sufi understand very well how to enhance these spiritual feelings. A lot of them are using special sufi taweez for this. There are hundreds of such taweez for different aspects of the divine, which are used to open person mind as much as possible. Here are some of the benefits of such taweez:

- to show you the truth and give you answer in a dream;
- to see peygamber in dream (the holly prophets of the Quran and Bible);
- to enhance your intuition - "sixth sense";
- to see the secret nature of everything on Earth;
- to enlighten the mind;
- to understand animal languages or the thoughts of humans.
- to enhance your accurate predictions when you make fortunetelling.
- To establish contacts with spirits and to find the secrets of their world;
- To show you the most hidden secrets; ( you can purchase our metal taweez for wisdom)
- To discover many valuable, practical and useful secrets;
- For the acquisition of miraculous psychic energy and power;
- To gain knowledge and insight into magical skills;
- To subdue spirits and obtain the spiritual minister (servitor);
- To get healer skills;
- To acquire paranormal abilities;
- to establish contacts with benevolent spirits who will serve faithfully and carry out any command;
- There are even mascots to become walli Allah (friend of God) – with such items your abilities will become enormous and you will unite with the divine. You won`t be human anymore, but a divine energy using human body as a vessel.

If you want to acquire a taweez with some of the benefits above - go to the main page of our site and check our taweez for six sence.

taweez for psychic abilities example of taweez for psychic abilities

How to wear such Islamic talismans?

As any other type of taweez, these items also can differ in their way of using.

a. For wearing - they can be made from paper, metal or on gemstones. The best way of wearing them is on the heat – under turban or hat, so to be as close as possible to your head. If not possible – you have to wear them on the neck. Because these talismans are very special – if they are made from paper – it has to be very clean and halal, and better way is to be written on parchment ( like our money parchment taweez). If they are made on metal, it is good to be gold, silver or copper. And if you want to engrave such talisman on gemstone – pick such gem for which is known to have certain abilities connected with psychic and intuition.

b. For drinking – these taweez are written on paper and then dissolve in water. The water must be drink for exact period of time (usually for the time for which you want to take effect). But it has to be not less than 21 days. After that – the effect disappears.

taweez for divination in a dream taweez for divination in a dream

Another rules while using such islamic mascots:

To get bigger effect from these taweez, it is good to do some additional things. First of all is to be:

- pure – be pure in your thoughts and in every day deeds, don`t be anger to people, don`t curse them. Remember that everything in this world is upon the Allah will.
- be clean – try to be as clean as possible – wash yourself and change your clothes regularly. It is inappropriate to wear such taweez while you are dirty.
- fast – the fasting is great way to become spiritual clean. Also not eating meat even for at least three days helps to gain spiritual powers and you can feel that very fast. If possible - abstain from sex. This is also a kind of fasting.
- Reciting wazifa and dhikr – wazifas and dhikr are recitations of certain Islamic texts or Allah names. In the western world, they are known as affirmations. In some cases, even without wearing taweez - astonishing results can be seen. Remember that, as much you are reciting the holly words, the bigger effects there will be. These words readjust your whole being to the ‘frequency’ of Allah.

taweez to enhance intuition taweez to enhance intuition

Author: Salam Burdu

Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects.