How to decode taweez?


We all know how intriguing is to find out what is written in the Islamic taweez . A lot of our clients are in that, too. From time to time, they wrote us – ‘I accidentaly opened the folded taweez, that you sended to me. What to do? Will it still work?’. First of all – when we send taweez, we wrote to all of them - don`t unfold them, because they will stop working. But sometimes the clients are so curious what is inside, so they don`t read our recommendations. Second – you cannot accidentaly open a triple folded item, it is intentionally. So the client has to buy a new one.

In such cases – we are not very happy, first of all because they don`t read the simple instructions that we sended them, and second – because to make the talisman, we put a lot of effort ( using special inks, chanting and empowering…). And then we ask the client – 'Why did you open it? What did expect to find inside? Something extraterrestrial? Or what? It is written on the site and everywhere in the web and you can find images, what things are inside the taweez.'

So, in this article, we will try to satisfy your curiosity, about what can be found inside taweez and especially the strange numbers and symbols inside it.

decode taweez

Taweez including quranic text

Well, here there it is nothing interesting for the client. This taweez consist from only text, usually written in Arabic language. According the rules of talisman creation – it should be written in Arabic, but some peers are using for their taweez - urdu, farsi, Hebrew or hindi , too. The text is taken from the Quran. A 1-2 verses (ayat) or whole chapter (surah). The surahs are longer and because of this – rarely used. One important note – keep in mind that the text may not corresponds exactly to the need of the client. So don`t be surprised if you see in the taweez a verse that has no logical connection with your problem. This is not a mistake of the sheikh. Keep in mind also – that this quranic texts may be used for good or bad outcomes. And because of this you have to know:

How to recognize which taweez is for good and which for bad outcome

A lot of people are sending to us photos of taweez thay found in their homes with the question – what is the purpose of the item. Here is the simplest way to find out – taweez for love, reunite, money, wealth, business, health, success, finding soulmate, all taweez for good outcome are written with roohani ink ( red or yellow). And they are called roohani taweez. The taweez for bad – like our taweez for revenge, for hate, separation, death, accidents and so on, are written with black shar ink. Of course in both cases, you have to know that these color inks have different ingredients, but you can recognize their main purpose by the color. Also keep in mind that some people are writing taweez with a normal blue pen, which taweez will not work ( no matter for good or bad intention).

Another note – some taweez ( very few of them) for good outcome may be written with black ink, too. In that case – the color recognition don`t work and you have to know, how this item is used and what is the exact text written on it, so to find out the purpose.

saffron ink

Taweez including text, written backwards

If you find such taweez near you, the short answer is - destroy it asap. This text is a backward writing of a quranic text and is used always for bad outcome – separation, evil, djinns, hexes, curses, hate, death, etc. The muslim scholars believe that this is the language of Iblis ( shaitan/the devil). There are some specifics when writing such text, which we keep in secret for obvious reasons. You can burn it or throw in running water ( river/lake).

Taweez including grid and numbers

Here the things are getting little bit messy. The taweez are known with their square grids and numbers in them. Sometimes the grid is with 3 squares in a row, other time – with four, five or more. In most cases the grid has same number of squares in the columns and rows. But what is the idea of these squares and numbers in them? From ancient times the people ( not only in the muslim world) believe that the numbers have power over the whole universe. The muslim sufi scholars developed a whole science of the numbers and letters - their version of numerology. From there comes the ABJAD – system of representing letters with numbers. Each number in the grid represents different letter, word or even a whole verse or surah of the Quran. Of course – it can represent names of persons, angels, djinns, etc. The problem for decoding of these numbers comes from this that if the number is too big, you won`t be able to understand what is written. And respectively – when there are small numbers – it is easier to decode what is written. Here also can be talismans for bad intentions or for good - like our golden taweez for money and protection.

Below, we give you two examples of two different numerology taweez with grids and numbers. But was is the meaning of these taweez numbers? The first one has a total sum of 150, and if we replace the numbers on the first row, we will find the Allah name AL-Alim, which helps to enhance your memory. It is a taweez with Allah names - very common talisman. This one was easy for decoding, but in the second square, we won`t be able to replace the numbers with letters - it will be a total non-sense.This is taweez of surah Kausar and if you wear this taweez and recite it for 1000 times - you will be able to see the prophet ( S.A.W.) in a dream. So - it is very difficult to encode the taweez in case, you don`t know the exact sum of surah Kausar letters.

taweez with grid and numbers

Another problem in decoding number taweez is the existing of different versions of ABJAD system, which one gives different values of the letters and it can be hard to find out which ABJAD version is used. Usually below the grid is written the name and mother name of the persons involved in the work, so it will be more easy for the reader to find out the purpose of the talisman. Sometimes the names and mother names are mixed with the other text and their total numerical value is put in the squares ( in that way, there is no need to put any words below the square).

For the taweez with numbers – it is crucial to understand that to be empowered, the words written in the form of abjad in the squares, must be chant as many times as they are represented by their total sum. Only in that way, the taweez will have power to change the destiny and course of the events.

Taweez including specific names

Some of the taweez may include strange words and names and it can be difficult to understand what is their purpose or to decode. For example – the word BADUH can be seen in some taweez, or it abjad value – 2-4-6-8. Some scholars believe that this is a name of a djinn and so – that one taweez is shirk, others – that this is a good spiritual creature or the spirit of the letters – BDUH. Usually we are using it in our return ex back taweez love and reunite works.

taweez with Baduh name

Taweez including specific symbols

There are of course thousands of symbols which can be used in taweez. Most recgnizable is the seven seal - which according to some people is representing the 7 old planets. Most of them are from special alphabets, invented in the centuries by the mystics, so they can get closer to the divine and use it in their favor. Here we will show you some of them.

taweez alphabet

Final words

As a final words, we have to say that sometimes only one look is needed to understand what is written in the taweez, but other times, even we ( with our huge knowledge and experience) can get frustrated to figure out what is the purpose of the talisman. A lot of time and patience is needed to learn every aspect of taweez creation. A lot of taweez books must be read. But once you know the secrets – you can change the course of the events in the whole world.

Author: Salam Burdu

Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects, as well as for his advice on how to protect oneself from it.