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For thousands of years, humans have tried to change their destiny in one or another way. Especially when the odds get impossible and there is a small chance of success. In such hopeless situations, people began summoning extraordinary forces to help. Among the Arabs, these forces were well known a long time before the creation of Islam. And while the religion grows through the ages, the Sufis reveal to us one unique spiritual universe born from Islam. The universe of roohania-the mystic practices, which include the creation of talismans, contacting with creatures from other dimensions, connecting with God in the most pure way, etc. This roohania is wrongly called in the western world "Arabic magic". In contrast to the western magic, the Arabic roohania doesn't rely on fake wishful thinking for a successful outcome. It relies on effective prayers and specific rules to summon the spiritual forces with the help of an altered state of consciousness. Due to this, the arabic mystical practices are very effective for almost all problems and helped thousands of people.

Who we are?

Salam Burdu - spiritual healer
Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects, as well as for his advice on how to protect oneself from it.

We are a group of spiritual scholars and our teacher peer Selam (Salam) Hassan Al Burdu - part of the Qadiriyyah sufi order. Our Sufi order is probably the biggest one in the world, but despite this - we dont have a leader like the other sufi orders-Naqshbandi, for example. We are located in the city of Manchester, but we travel almost every month to visit brothers from the order in Bosnia. We have been working in the field of practical Islamic mystic practices for more than 16 years, providing priceless help to a huge number of people, no matter their ethnic group or religion!

We work with people all over the world. The time for delivery depends on the distance of the country. It varies from 10 to 25 work days. Note that we are using the cheapest postal service ( no courier) because we don't want to charge the people in need. Every item comes to you with simple instructions to follow.

What is difference between us and the others?

We are not anonymous, we are not hiding-we use PayPal for payment, which means that such a huge institution has trust in us!! This is enough proof that we are real and not a fraud. The internet is full of magicians, pundits, spell casters, peers, amil baba and so on, who do not show their names. Why? Why are they hiding? If they are such powerful spell casters and amils, why don't they show their names? Are they afraid of something or are they just fake and scammers?

Second, when we do your work, especially the rituals, we always send some taweez ( talisman) connected with the ritual and photos for proof of our work. The other spell casters (amils) usually say, "We did amal(ritual) for you!". How do you know that they did such amal if they don't show you any proof? 

Who are our clients?

taweez infographic

In the years, we got thousands of clients-from different countries, from different social levels, from different religions and ethnicity. The universal thinking that the muslim amulets are working only on muslims is totally wrong. Poor people, rich people, famous people, Hollywood actors, ordinary people. We cannot refuse to help anyone because our power comes from Allah S.A.T. and for him, we are all equal! All our work is halal and, according to the Muslim laws, we are great enemies of any kind of witchcraft and sorcery. All of the items and services on this site are made and empowered following the exact rules of our order. 

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