Grand taweez with 99 names of Allah

taweez with 99 names of Allah

There are a few talismans in this world that can compare to this one. It includes the 99 names of Allah, known as Asma ul-Husna, represented with taweez for each one. Each of this taweez gives the benefits of each Allah name.

For example - the taweez of the holy name of Razaq, gives sustainance, rizq and money. The one of Hafiz - gives protection from known and unknown evil. And so on.

Each Allah name has numerous benefits and we can write a book for them. So we are giving here a link to a site with briefly pointed benefits of each of the Allah names.

99 names of Allah with meaning and benefits

This is the most powerful item we ever created!

This item is made in exact time of the month in a very complicated way following ancient sufi rules and crafting it is a time consuming. So, we need usually 2-3 weeks at least to prepare it.

taweez with 99 names of Allah in a box

The size of this item is 120 cm on 18 cm. It comes folded in a box.

There is no need for instructions for this taweez. Just put it somewhere in your house or office.

Its price is :

2100 USD including worldwide shipping.