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gold taweez for wealth and protection

Golden taweez for wealth, protection and abundance

Introducing the Golden Wall Taviz for Abundance, Wealth, and Protection – a powerful and mystical item rooted in the rich traditions of the Sufis. Crafted with immense care and reverence, this sacred talisman is designed to bring forth an abundance of blessings, protect against evil forces, and attract prosperity into your life.

We prepared this item in exact day of the month, following the ancient rules of taweez making. We used golden ink to inscribe all writings. This beautiful A4 format wall taweez comes with a beautiful frame so it can be hang on every wall in house or office.

In this amulet, surah Ikhlas is written for protection and also some of the Allah beautiful names connected with wealth, money, abundance and barkat – Razzaq, Fattah,Ghani and Kafi.

Its price is :

£179 / 220 USD including worldwide shipping

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taweez for money and wealth

Powerful taweez for wealth and money

Fully handmade talisman, created in an authentic way on exact day and hour of the month, using all ancient practices to acquire maximum benefits from it.
Writing with spiritual ink, evaporating exact incense, and reciting certain dhikr on it is a must so the item can be empowered.

This spiritual item is a combination of the best money and wealth talismans described by the great Sufi teacher Al-Buni in his books.

Its price is :

£51 / 59 USD including worldwide shipping

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taweez for love

Taweez to get ex back and for love marriage

No matter if you want to get ex back or have a relationship with a crush, this item melts the ice between two people and love feelings are provoked. And the best part is that it happens naturally, without force. Love is the greatest feeling on Earth and everybody deserves to be loved and to be happy.

Note: Send us with the contact form the names and mother's names of the couple. This item is used when there is eye contact with the other person and there are speaking terms. If these requirements are not met, contact us for more options.

Its price is :

£44 / 50 USD including worldwide shipping

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taweez for revenge

Taweez for revenge

We made this item to punish enemies, evil relatives, competitors, or colleagues.

The results are different and can include: get fire from work, car accidents, ruin if business, non-stop breaking of stuff, disasters, expulse from place of living, lose of luck in life, ruin of personal and professional life, diseases.
There is no harm to the client or his family from this item.

Note: This item should be put as close as possible to the enemy. Names and mothers' names are also needed. If these two requirements are not fulfilled, contact us for more options.

Its price is :

£48 / 55 USD including worldwide shipping

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taweez to separate

Taweez for separation

For separation of lovers, family members, in-laws, business partners, or friends, this item brings discord and separation between the people. It breaks any haram relationship!

Its price is:

£48 / 55 USD including worldwide shipping

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barkat taweez

Barkat taweez for money, blessings and protection

This item is a combination of several amulets whose purpose is to bring divine blessings into the life of its owner. These talismans are widely described in the books of the Egyptian mystic expert - Al-Thouki.

It is fully handmade, following the exact ancient rules of mysticism.

The only restriction for this item is that it must be protected from bad smells.

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Its price is :

£36 / 40 USD including worldwide shipping

Necklace for money with taweez

Necklace for money and wealth with taweez

We created this necklace on exact day of the month to get the most benefits from it. This unisex necklace has two main virtues.

The purple amethyst is known as the sober stone; it is known to protect its owner from bad luck, disasters, evil energies, kala jadoo, and djinn attacks. It helps in taking decisions, calms down, clears the mind and also helps in communication with the spiritual world.

Under the stone, a thin metal stripe with some of the most powerful wafiq for gaining wealth and abundance is glued. One of them is the great square of abundance of khalif Harun Al-rashid, for which it is known that it helped the ruler to gain his wealth. On the stripe, special olibanum resin incense was evaporated for 3 days, so it could be empowered and a recitation of certain ayats was done.

New job offers; more sales and new clients in the shop; opening of luck to gain money; abundance; increase in harvest; bigger salary; finding of any valuable items; people wanting to do business with you; new contacts with influential and rich people and politicians; respect from the people-these are some of the benefits.

Because of the resin that we put on the amulet, it cannot be damaged and nobody will know about it. We ship internationally.

Its price is :

£63 / 70 USD includding worldwide shipping.

taweez to attract women

Taweez to attract new partner

This item is for people who want to attract people in their lives, to be the ones who have to choose.
This talisman is made according to all ancient rules, following the exact process of creation, unchanged for hundreds of years. Anyone can use this item to attract the opposite gender.

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Its price is :

£32 / 35 USD including worldwide shipping.

Taweez for six sense and psychic

Taweez for six sense and psychic

This talisman is used for the opening of the third eye, to enhance the six senses and to communicate with the spiritual world.

To be able to communicate with the creatures of the spiritual realm in dreams and get the answers to questions, to learn divine secrets! Just put it under your pillow.

This item is made in a halal way, using all the ancient knowledge of our sufi order. We ship it worldwide.

Its price is :

£41 / 45 USD including worldwide shipping

taweez to control someone

Taweez to control someone

This mascot is to have control over a wife, husband, lover, boss, or anyone else. When you make suggestions and offers to them to listen to your will. To be constantly in the other person's mind.

To make this tawidh , we need your name and mother's name and the name and mother's name of the controlled one.
You will need to have eye contact with the other person and be on speaking terms for the item to work.
This amulet is made for only one person; it cannot be used for multiple people.
This item doesn't bind the free will but makes the person more open-minded to accepting your suggestions. It is made in a purely halal way.

Its price is :

55 USD including worldwide shipping

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islamic taweez

What is taweez?

In simple words, taweez is an amulet-mascot. Its name comes from the Arabic word tawidh. In religious terminology, it means 'effective prayer'. All success comes from Allah, and these items are a connection with the spiritual world, a written petition to God to send his servants to help us in a complicated situation. Put it in a more materialistic way: this amulet contains compressed energy, which changes the course of events in one's life.

Nowdays people are using them for solving different problems in everyday life. Protection from evil, finding soulmate, return of ex back, luck, career promotion, success in business and life, harmony in family, separation or revenge,health issues and blessings. There are no boundaries for their use.

The first mention of the term 'taweez' is in the foundamental book Shamsul Al-Maarif ( the Great Sun of Gnosis), written by the sufi Ahmed Al-Buni. Yet, these talismans were used even in pre-Islamic times among the Arab tribes.

In different countries, taweez have different names. In Turkey people call them vefk or muska, in Iran and Afghanistan - naqsh, in Indonesia - azimat or wafaq in Philippines, gris-gris in Africa. But their common is that they are made according to the ancient rules of the tasawwuf and sufism. In India are made a lot of hindu taweez, which incorporate the hindu belief system.The person who is preparing the item is better to be a Sufi because the Sufis have the best hikmah (or knowledge of wisdom) to make it.

For centuries, bad people are trying to study the knowledge and create these talismans for evil and egoistic purposes. There are even rumours that dictators like Hitler and Idi Amin used their power to rule their countries. Or as the great Al-Buni says in his books: "The one who knows and controls the power of the taweez with its compressed energy can destroy the whole world. Some things must remain secret!'

There is a widespread opinion that only muslims can wear taweez, which is not true. Thousands of people all over the world are using them and can be worn by anyone. No matter if he is a Muslim or not, no matter his ethnic group or his gender, because Allah loves every human being.


Types of taweez

There are hundreds of types, but they could be put in some main categories:

  • depending on their purpose:

    • good-for success, love, luck, health or barkat (blessings);
    • bad-separation of couple/friends/relatives, revenge or even death;
  • depending on the material they are made from:

    • paper;
    • parchment;
    • metal: iron, silver, gold, copper, lead;
    • plant leaves - some plants got specific spiritual qualities;
    • gemstones - they are carved to bring them more qualities to the item;
  • depends on the time they are made:
    • on certain days and hours of the week;
    • on certain positions of the planets. Sometimes, once a year;
    • made at any time;
  • depending on the four elements which will be used:

    • water-to be dissolved in it, sometimes drink the water, other time - for sprinkle;
    • fire-to be burned, mainly used in love works;
    • earth-to be buried - in graves, in forest, near rivers, under trees;
    • air-to be hung so the wind can blow in it;

There are so many more types and subtypes that the great mystic researcher Al-Toukhi says:"I tried to categorise all the ancient talismans and amulets and became almost insane."

taweez in hadees

How is taweez made?

Usually, they are written on white paper. The ones for good purposes have to be written with special spiritual (ruhani) ink, made of saffron. The ones for bad purposes are written with black ink made from tar and soot. We prepare both inks with expensive ingredients – resins and dyes from different trees, high quality saffron, etc.

The rule is to write every talisman only in arabic language and in exact hour and day of the islamic month. You have to recite certain text on it for exact amount of times to empower it. Meanwhile evaporate combination of special frankincenses. The frankincenses must be resins like olibanum, arabic gum, mustic, asaphoetida, benzoe, etc.

People know taweez by their traditional triangular shape. The paper is folded in a very special way, but we found that there is no difference if it is triangular or square. And we saw that some peers in London, United Kingdom, made them in a form of circle.

On the paper are usually written some of the Allah names. The person who is making it, has to know the whole Asma ul-Husna (the 99 names of Allah) and its benefits. Usually, these names are written with their numerical value in the form of a square. Sometimes, whole verses from the Quran are also written.

For some of the items, we made special mathematical calculations. Other times, we include special symbols - signs of planets, names of different angels or djinns.

As we already wrote - a dhikr must be made on the item. This is the most important part of creating the item. This is the way of empowering the item. Without it - it is like a child drawing. Sometimes dhikr can take a whole day or more. A full concentration and dedication is needed for this hard task in almost trance state.

Most of the taweez must be worn by the person for whom they are made. They can be put in the home or office, but the health ones are mainly made for dissolving and drinking by the ill person. Some tawidh for get ex back are hanged on trees or heated in an oven. Others are buried in graves, or put under house thresholds or under beds.

how to make taweez

Is it permissible to wear taweez? is it shirk?

1. Allah describes the holly Quran as a cure – shifa. The words of Allah are so powerful that they cure people of their illnesses—physical and spiritual. Allah (SWT) says in the Quran, "We send down in Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers" وَ نُنَزِّلُ مِنَ الْقُرْاٰنِ مَا هُوَ شِفَآءٌ وَّ رَحْمَةٌ لِّلْمُؤْمِنِیْنَۙ-  (surah Al-Isra 17:82).

2. Every help for you (no matter if we are talking about love, job, health, enemies, separation, etc.) comes from Allah. The talisman is just our written request to Allah to help us!

3. Every item which contains any of Allah (SWT) names or the name of prophet Muhammad cannot be haram because these names are holly!

4. A lot of people speak about the squres and numbers in some of the amulets. The numbers represent letters from the Arabic alphabet–the knowledge known as 'ilm al-huruf'. And the people who don't know their meaning, because of their lack of knowledge, believe they are shirk (idolatry) or kufr ( disbelief). But isn’t it the same if you write "two thousand and twenty" or "2020"?

5. Some people are saying that wearing a twine is also shirk — ok, but the maulana also wear a twine in the form of rosary?

6. Prophet Muhammad ( ﷺ ) companion Abdul Al-Baqiri stated in his "Book of Memories": "The prophet has never banned wearing Islamic amulets".

7. Ulama Mohammad Al-Idrisi narrated that since the taweez has at least one of Allah's symbols, there is no problem with wearing it;

8. In the hadith of Dalailun Nubuwwah, Sayyiduna Ali complained in the court of prophet Muhammad ( ﷺ ) about djinns disturbing his sleep. Muhammad ordered him to write a few holy words on a piece of paper, fold and put it under his pillow. When Sayyiduna went to bed, he heard the screams of the jinns, who begged him to take away the talisman.

9. Ulama Zarkashi informs us in a hadith that a man complained about his eye conjunctivitis to Imam Shafiee. The imam wrote on a piece of paper, 'Now We have lifted this veil of yours, so today your sight is sharp!' لَّقَدْ كُنتَ فِى غَفْلَةٍۢ مِّنْ هَـٰذَا فَكَشَفْنَا عَنكَ غِطَآءَكَ فَبَصَرُكَ ٱلْيَوْمَ حَدِيدٌۭ (surah Qaf 50:22) and gave the man the paper as a talisman to wear, and soon he was cured.

10. The permissibility of wearing taviz is reported by many of the rasool companions, including: Said ibn al-Musayyab, Ata, Mujahid, Abd Allah ibn Amr, Ibn Sirin, Ubaydullah ibn Abd Allah ibn Umar, and others. [Al-Musannaf ibn Abi Shayba, 5.439].

11. Ulama Alusi al-Hana says: "According to Imam Malik, it is permitted to put around the neck tawiz written with the name of Allah." " Imam Baqir also stated that it is permissible to put such item around the neck of a child.” [Ruh al-Mani, chapter 15, under Surah al-Muminun, verse 97]

12. Sayyiduna Ali says: "Dua should be written and tied to the arm of the woman. We have experienced that there is nothing more amazing than this' (Fatawa Ibn Taymiyya, 19/65).

13. Ulama Ahmad Al-Fiqui tells us in his fatawa that "there is nothing wrong with wearing talismans since it does not include any part of black magic" (Fatawa Fiqui 15/28).

14. The famous Hanafi jurist Imam Omar Ibn Bashid told us: "If a woman is barren, she can use a talisman to help her. Children please Allah".

15. Imam Al-Askari says: 'Wearing of mascots is permissible if they are written in the name of Allah by pious persons';

16. Ulama Al-Muhtadi narrated in his musannaf that: 'written parts of the Quran can be put around the neck on a string to solve a person's problems';

18. Imam Mutahhar wrote in his fatawa that anyone can use mascots because Allah (SWT) loves all people on earth ( Fatawa Mutahharya, 16/38);

19. But most importantly—where in the Quran is written something against taweez? Where is the ban on them? Check it! You won't find even a single word! Doesn't Allah want us to be happy? To live a life full of joy, health, and abundance? He wants it, of course! And you cannot imagine what lucky people we are, that we got this opportunity to live happy life and just to lose it!

And finally, here is one article about the benefits of these islamic talismans :

Taweez may heal physically, spiritually

taweez on cloth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q: I am not a muslim – can i wear taweez and will it work?
A: Our items can be used by anyone, regardless of ethnic group or religion. This is a gift sent from Allah to every human in this world, and it would be a shame if we don`t use it!

2. Q: Are your amulets and services made in a halal way without any shirk (idolatry) in them?
A: Yes, all items here are handmade in a pure halal way.

3. Q: Can I use several talismans together?
A: You can use most of them together, but it is good to ask us in any case. Some of them may interfere with each other and the result won't be good enough.

4. Q: In some of your rituals, you bury taweez in the graveyard. Isn't this dangerous?
A: In ruhania the graveyards are used for bad things, but also for good things–for return of lost love, for wealth, and so on. Usually, we evoke spiritual graveyard creatures—moakils to do the work.

5. Q: I love someone who is living in another country–can we get together?
A: Yes, there are no borders for our services and for the will of Allah Almighty. Of course, as long as the distance is big enough, the slower the manifesting will come. For such long distance relationships, the rituals will be a better option because only mascot alone won't be strong enough to help.

6. Q: Is my talisman working? I can't see any change.
A: Every case is unique. The time for effects of these items is different – for example, the love back taviz needs more time, than the one for money. For wealth and barkat talismans – 2-4 weeks is reasonable time for start seeing first effects. There are simple rules to follow when wearing the item – try not to think too much about it, dont lust for a result, be patient and dont be pushy. Just live your life and Allah knows his job and will help you faster.

7. Q: Do you perform istikhara online before making talismans or rituals?
A: Fortunetelling is forbidden. Also, we believe in the outcome of our work, so we don't need to do that.

8. Q: I am sure i have got kala jadoo (black magic) and djinns on me. Do you perform ruqyah (exorcism) and rohani ilaj?
A: Yes, we perform ruqyah and rohani ilaj but in a distant way, because it is more comfortable for the people. You can read more in the section titled "Remove kala jadoo".

9. Q: After a couple of days of wearing your mascots, I got a headache and felt discomfort. Are these side effects of the item?
A: In generally – there are no side effects from wearing amulets – no one can get harm. But in very sensitive people - a headache, strange dreams, or serious anxiety can occur for some time. In such rare cases, we recommend taking off the item for some days, so you can get used to such large amounts of spiritual energy.

10. Q: Why do you need personal name and mother's name to make some of the charms?
A: For some of them, we need names and mother names. The need for the mother's name is for exact pointing of the person in the universe–because you can have only one mother. Also – for some of the items – we use person`s name to find out the exact Allah ismi azam name of the person so the power be more strong.

11. Q: Can I write talismans by myself?
A: Sure, but you will need years of practise, because this is not a simple process. You have to follow a lot of requirements – the day and hour of writing, the materials you will use. Also, you will need complete concentration because you have to recite one word several thousand times. Writing of talismans is not simple work.

12. Q:What is the shape of the taweez?
A: The traditional shape is a triangle, but the shape has no matter.

13. Q: I got a scanned/emailed/printed tabiz. Will it work?
A: Such talismans cannot work-they have to be handmade on paper with special ink at the exact timing of the Arabic calendar. Exact prayer should be recited an exact number of times, so it can be empowered with energy. When using printed emailed talismans and amulets, there is no empowerment in it, so they will not work.

14. Q: What are the main precautions while using your talismans?
A: They are very simple–just try to avoid bad smells. The bad smell influences the working of the items and it is disrespectful to the Quran. Women can wear the talismans during their monthly periods.

15. Q: In your instructions, it is written to take off the talisman when I am praying. Why is that?
A: This can be explained by quantum physics: while you pray, another type of energy comes to you, and the amulet won't work as effectively for some time.

16. Q: I don't want to wear the mascot anymore. How to get rid of it?
A: Throw it in running water.

17. Q: Do you ship your taweez to the United Kingdom?
A: Yes, we ship to the United Kingdom, to the USA, and all over the world.