Parchment taweez of total power of Md Riwgari

taweez of power

This item was first created by one of the masters of the Naqshbandi sufi order - Muhammad Arif Riwgari, in the year 1208 after hard meditation.
We found this talisman in one of the ancient books of the order several years ago.

It is made on a halal goatling parchment in exact time period. The parchment is taken from a sacrificed goat on a great sufi sama celebration and is tanned by a professional sufi tanner according to the rules of our order. We need about two weeks to create this item because of its complexity, following the ancient rules, using special spiritual ink. In it, Allah's names for barkat are used, also the blessing words written with the special sacred alphabet of Al-Buni. This talisman is completely safe and works for anyone, no matter their religion or ethnicity. It can be put on a wall or on a shelf in a home or office. In a visible or not visible place. It will affect anyone around it.

The benefits of this wall barkah taweez are countless, but here are the main of them:

  • Career advancment at job;
  • Higher salary;
  • New job opportunities;
  • More clients in shop and more sales;
  • If politician, writter, painter, actor or singer - get fame and glory;
  • If businessman - victorious in all your endevours and fame for the company;
  • Highly respected and loved by people in the society;
  • Every work will be done easily and without any efforts;
  • Success in all negotiations;
  • Peacefull life;
  • Riches from known and unknown sources;
  • Surprising positive events start to occur in life;
  • Success in every project;
  • Protection of business, office and home from every enemy and every evil in this world. This item is a concrete wall against djinns, hexes, curses and kala jadoo;
  • Develope intuition and revelation of lot of divine secrets;
  • Winning in court trials;
  • If there are fights and disputes in the home or office, this item brings peace and harmony between the family members, colleagues and business partners;
  • Brings success in life and accomplishment of all life plans.
  • Getting rid of enemies;
  • You will never feel alone. You will make more trusted friends, which will help you if hard times come.

The size of this wall taweez is 30x21 cm and comes with a frame.

There is no need for instructions for this taweez. Just put it on the wall.

Its price is :

300 USD or £255 including worldwide shipping.