Djinn king Mudhib taweez ring for wealth

taweez Ring of djinn king mudhib

This is the taweez ring of Al-mudhib or the golden one. He is one of the seventh day djinn kings, and he is ruling on sunday.
He is often described as a middle age man with burning head who has a snake instead of tongue.
He only can be evoked using enormous amounts of sandarac incense. Al-mudhib is the king of the Banu Danair tribe, which was expelled from the holy mountain Qaf in ancient times. It is said that this djinn king is child of the sun goddess in the pre-islamic times.

He knows all the secrets of the gold metal - how to find it , how to transmutate it , where to dig for it. His symbol is the six pointed star (the David star). Maybe this is one of the reasons why israel people are so good at making money. There is a word that Mudhib is one of the djinn kings who helped king Suleiman (Solomon) to gain his riches and to make his first contacts with the demons and spirits.

He can help you to gain easily riches, it boost your trade if you have a shop, raise your salary and huge amounts of money start appearing in your life from known and unknown sources. He is a luck opener especially when we are talking about finances. He can give information about hidden treasures and the ways to expel the evil spirits that are guarding them.
He brings knowledge and expand six sense even about future finance events, so to be easy and natural to predict how to make more money. He shows the best ways to make money and gain wealth.
He also helps greatly if person is involved in occult sciences and gives more easily access to spiritual entities from higher rank.

There are no restrictions for using this taweez ring. It can be worn by males or females, on any finger or on a string on the neck, if you feel it is too big for your fingers. Usually when he is around, you can feel a lot of strange heat that comes from nowhere. To make it more powerful you can take it off sometimes and put it on a sunny place, so the sun will empower it more. Also it is good to rub some good smelling attar on the stone from time to time. There is no need of reciting and chant of any kind of wazifa, dhikr or any other prayer/manra. A lot of people asked us - if the djinn taweez items are safe for use. And our answer to all of them is - yes, they are completely safe as the rest of our items. There is no harm for any one, and all of them are prepared in fully hala way. We can absolutely asure you that there is no haram, shirk and bidah in them.

djinn king Mudhib

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