The seduction taweez ring of djinn Kushanil the Bountiful

taweez Ring of djinn Kushanil

This is the ring of Kushanil the Bountiful. He is often described as blue skin male with eagle head and donkey hoof, wearing an orange toga. He likes to wander alone and very rarely get back to his marid tribe. He is famous with the killing of Shadhavar – a deer like animal with one huge horn. After murdering it, Kushanil made a flute out of it.

The biggest virtue of this ring is to enhance personal charisma in men and make them irresistible to women. The females will be naturally attracted by men who are wearing this ring – no matter on finger or in pocket. And this is normal because Kushanil himself was a hunter who knows how to attract his prey. There is no need even to lift your finger to see the effect of it. There are very few females who can resist to its power and if you decide , they can be become your slaves.

This djinn ring is also connected with enhancing of luck, to give success in every endeavor and business, to ease every work you do. It attracts every possible vibe around you and brings to you every opportunity. For example – if you own a shop and a lot of people are going around it - they will start coming in it and make purchases.

It also calms you down if you are worried and gives you overall view of every situation, so you can take the best decision. This ring will also bring to you a bunch of new people , which desire to be part of your life. This helps very much in establishing of every kind of business contacts and relationships.

This ring vessel is prepared following the exact ancient rules of our sufi order with performing 21 day complex dhikr to evoke it. The stone on the ring is amethyst because it connects in the best way with Kushanil. This stone also helps to calm down , connect with the spiritual realm, give prophetic dreams and keep balance of your mindset.

This ring is completely safe for use and cannot bring harm to anyone.


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