Is it moral to use taweez for controlling people?


The practice of using supernatural forces, such as taweez, for controlling people has been a subject of controversy, fascination, and deep cultural significance. Taweez, have been believed to possess mystical powers that can influence the thoughts, behavior, and actions of individuals for generations. While some consider it a harmless cultural tradition or a means to achieve desired outcomes, others raise ethical concerns regarding the manipulation and potential infringement of free will. Today, we will delve into the intricate nature of controlling people using supernatural forces, with a specific focus on vashikaran taweez, its historical and cultural context, the profound effects on victims, potential harmful side effects, the complex morality surrounding its use, real-life samples from our practice in the United Kingdom, methods to detect if someone is under the influence of vashikaran, and strategies to block and break the power of control taweez.

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The intricate nature of controlling people using supernatural forces

Controlling people through supernatural means is an age-old practice deeply embedded in various cultures and religions worldwide. This mysterious belief suggests that certain rituals, symbols, and invocations can harness unseen energies to influence the thoughts, emotions, and actions of others. Taweez, as a form of this practice, is often sought for matters of the heart, such as love, marriage, prosperity, or even to resolve conflicts and settle disputes. But how it works? When person starts to wear the specially empowered taweez to influence someone else – the taweez starts to use his body energy and start sending coded unconscious signals to the person you want to control. Of course – as with everything else – when there is a big intention – it won`t work. So the person must wear the item and not thinking for it. Just live his life.

Unraveling the mysteries of vashikaran taweez

Vashikaran, a term commonly used in Indian mysticism, is intricately associated with the art of influencing someone's mind and actions. Vashikaran hindu taweez, or vashikaran amulet, is believed to be charged with specific mantras and energies, allegedly enabling it to exert control over an individual, bending their will to suit the desires of the person who wears or possesses the taweez. This enchanting world of vashikaran raises questions about the boundaries between spirituality, belief, and the ethical use of such practices. Keep in mind that on internet - it is full of different vashikaran options, that you can try by yourself ( even with only chanting of certain mantras and verses for thousand of times). We suggest you - to talk with a peer who is involved in such practices, because if you try it by your own - one by one - it is very possible only to loose your time. Depend on the each case - there are different options for vashikaran. One more reminder - if you try to make any of the online taweez or youtube taweez ( not only for control), be very careful, because sometimes even the people which upload them on the internet are not aware of what they are uploading.

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Effects for the victims of control taweez and vashikaran

The individuals targeted by control taweez often experience a myriad of emotional and psychological effects. They might feel inexplicably drawn to the person who possesses the taweez, experiencing emotions beyond their comprehension. Victims might find themselves acting contrary to their usual behavior, leading to confusion, inner turmoil, and distress. Understanding the psychological impact of control taweez is essential to fully grasp the extent of its influence on individuals.

Harmful effects of using taweez for controlling

While proponents of vashikaran taweez argue that it can be used for positive purposes, there are potential harmful side effects to consider. Manipulating someone's free will can lead to unforeseen consequences, including resentment, mistrust, and deeply damaged relationships. Additionally, those who employ taweez for malicious intentions may face severe karmic consequences, highlighting the potential dangers lurking in the shadows of such practices.

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Is it ethical to utilize control taweez for manipulation?

The morality of using control taweez is a complex and multifaceted matter. While some argue that employing such supernatural means to control others goes against the principles of respect for individual autonomy and free will, others contend that it is no different from everyday persuasion or influence, which are common aspects of human interaction. They argue that if the intentions behind using taweez are positive, such as resolving conflicts or promoting love, then its usage may be justified. The moral dilemma surrounding control taweez forces us to question the boundaries of personal freedom, spirituality, and cultural practices.

Real-life cases from the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, as in other parts of the world, there are individuals who claim expertise in crafting and activating control taweez. These practitioners often advertise their services for various purposes, promising to help clients achieve their desires. Examining real-life cases and experiences from the UK provides a glimpse into the practical aspects of control taweez and the impact it has on people's lives.

As our group was living in large muslim community in UK, we have a a lot of cases of control taweez. Because it is a very complex work and it involves the free will of a person, we first ask the customer to tell us the whole story, the intention of his purchase, his wishes and hopes. We don`t help in every case. However – the most common practice is to make a special taweez which has to be worn by the person who wants to control the other one ( beloved, friend, relative, business partner, etc.). For such items - a personal contact must be. To be in speaking terms, to meet regularly, to have eye contact. If these things are not possible, the other person is stubborn or the client wants something more stronger, we make Islamic vashikaran spell ritual. For this spell, we make also taweez for wearing or put around the person, but we also make a special ritual in which we burn in a holly fire, a special taweez on which exact duas/prayers are made.

The people who purchase such works, has to know that has to be patient. Because it is very complex work, maybe the most complex, it may not work from the first time ( especially when the other person has protection.

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How to detect if someone is under the influence of vashikaran: signs and symptoms unveiled

Identifying whether someone is under the influence of vashikaran or control taweez is a challenging task. No matter if we are talking about taweez in hinduism or taweez in islam. Victims might display behavioral changes, emotional instability, or sudden shifts in personality. Understanding the subtle clues and symptoms can help in recognizing potential cases of manipulation. Usually these symptoms are very recognizable – the person just shift from one person to completely new one.

Empowerment against control taweez

For individuals who suspect they might be under the influence of a control taweez or vashikaran, seeking help from trusted spiritual advisors, therapists, or counselors is recommended. Engaging in practices that strengthen personal willpower, self-awareness, and mental fortitude can also aid in counteracting the effects of external influences. Empowering oneself against such forces requires a multi-faceted approach to regain control over one's thoughts and actions. Of course – the best way is to ask for help of a professional, but there are somethings , you can do alone.

No matter if you are muslim, hindu, Christian, etc., you can recite surah Fatiha for 7 times daily for one week. Other options are to recite surah Ikhas for 11 times daily or ayatul Qursi for 7 times. All these remedies are proven when we talk about breaking the influence of control taweez. Keep in mind that if you recite these words, they can influence your other taweez, if you got such. And they will stop work. Of course – if the controling work ( no matter taweez or vashikaran) is stronger, only these recitations won`t help you.

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Identifying the most susceptible targets for control taweez

The effectiveness of control taweez or vashikaran is a contentious subject. Believers claim that these amulets work best on individuals who are emotionally vulnerable, easily impressionable, or going through difficult life phases. Understanding the potential targets of control taweez's power can shed light on the complexities of this practice and the dynamics between the wielder and the manipulated.

Final words

The use of control taweez for influencing people is a multifaceted and enigmatic aspect of human beliefs and practices. While some view it as a means to achieve positive outcomes, others argue that it infringes on individual free will and autonomy. The potential harmful effects on victims and the risk of damaging relationships must be taken into account. As our world continues to evolve, it is crucial to approach such matters with sensitivity, critical thinking, and empathy, considering both the cultural context and the moral implications of these practices. Understanding the ethical dimensions of using control taweez allows us to navigate the fine line between spirituality, belief, and the preservation of individual freedom and agency.

Author: Salam Burdu

Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects, as well as for his advice on how to protect oneself from it.