Black magic taweez and haram talismans


As you know – there are a lot of speculations about which Islamic taweez are haram and which are halal, which are black magic taweez and which are roohani. In this article we will put some light on the problem and will explain everything about the difference between these items. In this article we will also post some images of black magic taweez photos from clients.

black magic taweez Taweez put in a copper taweez locket and thrown in the backyard of our client.

Which taweez are haram?

"Haram" is an Arabic term that means "forbidden" or "prohibited" in Islamic law (Sharia). It is used to describe actions, behaviors, or things that are considered sinful or impermissible according to Islamic teachings. So - which taweez are haram? Most of the people think that items like our Islamic talismans for separation, hate and revenge are haram. It is logically – because they are all for bad things at first sight. But talismans for such purposes can be made in purely halal and roohani way also – and all of them in the name of Allah. Of course – they will work only if they are made with pure intention of destroying haram relationship or punish enemy who made bad things like our halal taweez for revenge.

haram taweez Haram taweez for love

So which Islamic talismans are haram in that case? There are several rules written by the ancient scholars, with which the difference between haram and no haram taweez can be made. For example - If the taweez is written in any other language then Arabic – it is haram and it is against the islam. We know that almost all of the peers in Pakistan are writing their taweez in urdu and this is against the rules and this is haram and is against islam. This is because they don`t have the knowledge and are just illiterate village witches. In that way – they are performing a great sin.

Of course – the taweez can be written in Arabic and still be haram or black magic if another rule is not followed – for example - if it is written with Quranic verses backwards or with mirror letters – this is pure evil and calling of Iblis. Or use another things like the ones that we will show you as examples in this article.

haram taweez Metal taweez found under matrimonial bed – for cheating of husband

Purposes of black magic taweez

The black magic is known as kala jadoo, sihr or ‘sorcery’. In Islamic terminology, sihr refers to the use of supernatural or occult powers to perform feats that go beyond the natural realm. It is considered forbidden (haram) in Islam. So we can say that black magic and haram taweez are the same.

There are different uses of the kala jadoo taweez –usually connected with harming someone. They can be used for separation of a couple and talaq ( divorce), to bring hate and disharmony between family members or friends, to make someone cheat, for revenge against enemy or dushman ( usually this is a relative) – this could involve – car accidents, diseases, misfortune in life, blocking of luck, for infertility, for death also. They can be use also in love binding with a force. Black magic (sihr) taweez can be used also for bringing money to someone usually with the help of Iblis. You have to keep in mind that only with destroying the black magic taweez won`t guarantee you rid of the kala jadoo, in such cases – we make total kala jadoo cleansing ritual.

haram taweez This ball was find in a backyard and is for evoking of Iblis

Can you make black magic taweez in home?

The short answer is – yes, you can. But first – here we want to warn the people, that using black magic or haram taweez is against islam. The rules for taweez creating are there for a reason. We saw a lot of people, which are making haram taweez by themselves, risking a lot of bad things to backfire on them, because they are illiterate. In their wish to take revenge on a relative, they get obsessed with this and with time - attempt after attempt they started to use more and more complicated and dangerous practices. They become obsessed and can`t understand that this is not a child game. And there are consequences…always. And if they are too afraid to make the talismans by their own – they go to an illiterate village peers, which are risking their lives too with such dangerous practices. And we are very sure that Allah won`t forgive them.

kala jadoo taweez This mascot is for separation and was found under matrimonial bed:

To prepare kala jadoo taweez in your home – you need to read a lot, to find your own murshid which will guide you to your learning process and to have a lot of practice first in the roohania. And after that – to practice the dark crafts. Every step in creating of such sihr talismans is important. If you make a mistake while doing halal talismans – the worst thing is that it won`t work, but if you make a mistake while preparing sihr taweez – a lot worst things can happen – backfire on you and your family or even evoking bad djinn or Iblis by coincidence. So keep in mind that this is extremely dangerous work.

sihr taweez for revenge Sihr taweez for revenge

How to get rid of black magic taweez?

First of all you have to find out if this is kala jadoo taweez. Sometimes relative can put halal taweez with good intentions around you and you can mistake it for kala jadoo taweez. Usually the haram talisman is written with black ink, there could be animal parts ( we won`t put photos because it is too disturbing), strange smell on it, there could be used incomprehensible symbols. Once you find it, you can simply destroy the taweez by throwing it in running water (lake or river) or burn it and throw the ashes in a deserted place.

Author: Salam Burdu

Salam Burdu is an Islamic scholar and lecturer from Pakistan who is known for his expertise in the field of Islamic spiritual healing and protection. He is particularly known for his research and writings on kala jadoo and its effects, as well as for his advice on how to protect oneself from it.