Woman ring of Aisha Qandisha

Woman taweez ring of djinn Aisha Qandisha

Aisha Qandisha is a water djinn which inhabits the water sources in Morocco. She is described as a gorgeous and lustful young woman with a predator nature, who lurks for alone men. She seduces them with her scandalous outfit, sexual behavior and dirty talks. When the man is capture, she transforms into two head creature.

The legends tells us that once Aisha was a human - a very ugly girl living in misery, which noone likes and everybody make joke of her. Once, a handsome but evil prince decide to make a fun with her in front of his friends in the courtyard. He pretend to love her, bring her to the palace and surround her with gifts and riches like a real princess. The poor girl believed that someone finally loved her, but in that moment the prince throw her out from the palace. The girl Aisha was heart broken and couldn`t bare anymore her awful destiny and killed herself by drowing in the close river. Since then she became a revengeous djinn which only goal is to seduce men and to take their lives and minds as an eternal revenge to the moking of the evil prince.

This beautiful and gentle taweez ring is only for women. No man can stand in front of its owner, thhey will be hypnotized by the enhanced charisma, seduced and became servants. Its owner will be treated as a queen wherever goes with it. We have experiences from our female clients which were absolutely shocked by the power of that ring - men literally start to fight for them.(you can check in the testimonial section)

It is mainly used by women with low self-esteem, no social life or just who don`t have luck with relationships or find it difficult to attract the opposite gender. It can be used to attract not only love partners , but also to influence over bosses, for career realization or over any man to do a needed favor. This ring will also help greatly to attract a desired person.

To make this ring, we used water from 7 springs in Morocco, for which is known the jinn inhabits most. To prepare it - we need 5-7 days in which we make a dhikr.

In addition to the djinn, the turquoise stone helps in distraction of negative energies, protects, brings balance and inner peace, calms and helps in finding the best solution for problems. Also brings happiness, luck and confidence.
There are no restrictions or rules for using it. Just wear it and from time to time you can rub some attar on the stone for greater effect.We can prepare the ring in several sizes. It can be worn on any finger or on a string on the neck.

djinn aisha qandisha

Its price is :

150 USD or £125 including worldwide shipping.