Ring with taweez of djinn king Shamhurish

taweez Ring of djinn king Shamhurish

The djinn king Abu al-Walid Shamhurish is also known as at-Tayyar or the father of the New Born. He is described as a blue old giant with a black snake on his head.His ruling planet is Jupiter.

An interesting fact about him is that he is the only djinn who was living permanently in the human realm and his remains are kept in a special shrine near the village of Aroumd in Morocco. He lived in the time of our great prophet and according to some sufis, he met with him, convert to islam and even become a judge ( Qadia) who served the people. In some parts of Africa, Shamhurish is worshiped as a muslim saint. From our sources we learn that his kin is still alive here, and they are living in the U.K. There are still disputes when exactly Shamhurish died - some scholars suggest it is in early 12-th century , others suggest in 18-th century. On his shrine once in a year a local tribes gather and worship him with goat sacrfices and offerings. A lot of people with different diseases go to his shrine to pray and make and make animal sacrifices and recieve cure. From our sources we learn that his kin is still alive here, and they are living in the U.K.

The main specialty of Shamhurish are the wonders and surprises.
The stories are thousands - surprising abundance of wealth from nowhere for poor families, rescue of trapped and lost people, unnatural protection from lethal weapons, magic attacks and car accidents, finding treasures, abandoned children find new loveing parents... This item can help greatly in any endeavor you start. And usually all needs are satisfied in triple.
Because this djinn king had a big love for humankind - he is very generous to everyone who respects him and answers to people true prayers and needs.

Usually he appear in the night in a form of a huge black dog with three eyes or a white horse. He is great helper in times of total dispear and a big defender for the poorest and helpless people. For those who have nobody in their lives.
He is a great helper for the people who are wrongly accused in bad deeds, it is always good to have such mighty judge on your side in every dispute or court trial. One of the best benefits of this ring and its jinn king is that he gives to the owner one of his servants djinns, which goes with every descendant and is forever bound with the family.

There are no restrictions for this ring - it can be used by anyone anywhere. There are no chants or rituals to activate the ring - just wear it on no matter which finger or on a string on the neck.

djinn king Shamhurish shrine

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